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Weaving Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn into Midsummer Scream 2019

It has felt like I had the entire year figured out for this monthly spot here on the blog. That is…if you don’t count February! I don’t know why the month of love and Women in Horror was such a struggle (and now that I think about it, I should have run with the Women in Horror thing…), but it was.

Instead, here I am, a day shy of when I was hoping to post, sharing an exciting development and dilemma regarding my family’s 2019 Midsummer Scream outfits!

I have been wanting to design another fabric and coordinate matching outfits like I had for the three of us at 2018’s Midsummer Scream. The pink bats were such a hit and it was really fun getting all dressed up together.

I’m excited to boast that I have this year’s fabric design just about finalized! There are some minor tweaks that need to be made and I’m ordering swatches to decide the final fabric choice, but it feels great to have one of the biggest challenges of a matching family outfit done!

Now to go down the checklist of what I’ll actually need to make with this design and get to ordering the fabric.

Husband – ✓

My husband wants to reprise the bowler shirt look from last year. I believe it will really look fun with this fabric. We’ll be using the fabric I designed for the main body of the shirt with the shirt contrast and collar in orange or yellow.

Daughter – ✓

I will be making an adorable summer dress for our little monster. The bodice and top skirt will use my fabric design and the underskirt and sleeves will compliment in orange or yellow and match my husband.

Myself – ✗

My challenge comes to my outfit…

…in that the challenge is I have no idea what I want to make for my outfit!

Last year, I spent most of Saturday as Elvira. As fun as it is to parade around as the Queen of Halloween, half the fun is getting to undress afterwards. I loved my bat dress and it was specially made for nursing, but by Sunday, my feet were tired, I was without comfy shoes for my dress and I wanted something I could feel a little more…relaxed in, which my dress didn’t quite permit. The challenge always comes in being cute and comfy, right, ladies?

So I have a couple ideas.

Idea #1 – Wrap Blouse with retro pants

I love the idea of using my design with this blouse in a light airy fabric paired with some cute retro capris. It could end up looking adorable and be perfect for the hot Long Beach summer weather. I also have some really cute kitten heels in white and yellow that would compliment the candy corn in the fabric.

Idea #2 – Gathered Skirt with vintage styled blouse

Gathered skirts are super easy and I think my vertical stripy design would look really flattering as a full skirt. I debated doing a circle skirt, but I think that might take away from the design a little. Bonus to this outfit choice is that I do have a vintage styled blouse in yellow already and I could pair the top with another accessory I’ll be giving away to anyone who finds me at Midsummer Scream. Bonus that I could pair the same pair of shoes I mentioned before with this outfit choice as well.

I don’t know if any of you out there put as much thought into what you might be wearing to a convention, but my indecisiveness is driving me bananas. Do you have any suggestions to which direction I should go?

How are your Midsummer Scream plans coming along? Any cute outfits or costumes on your table?

I’d also like to mention that on March 14th, we’ll be celebrating National Save a Spider Day. My candy thieving arachnids will be taking over the blog with a helpful illustrated guide on how to do just that!

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    • Chelsea Celaya

      Thanks for the input! I just can’t decide. It’s such a bad habit of mine! >.<;;; I might end up making the top anyways. I feel like I might wear that all the time! I love skirts though and I can never get enough of them. I just also think that when it comes to pictures, they get cropped out. Such a shame.

  • The Empty W Chronicles

    I think the skirt will look amazing. Part of me says, why not do both? It will be a cute top and amazing skirt. Wear one on Saturday and one on Sunday and pair both with flats 🙂 I think if you need to pick one, for me the skirt outfit will match more with your husbands chosen style 😀

    • Chelsea Celaya

      I love the way you think! XD I think I am leaning more towards the skirt for MSS for the very reason you mentioned, but I might end up making the top anyways. I’m going to be dressing as Elvira on Saturday, so probably not going to be able to squeeze two outfits in. Although if I decided to change, maybe I could wear the top around. Lucky for me, we have hot Octobers, so lots of excuse to get wear out of both pieces if I decide to do them.