Cobweb Collectables for YOUR jewelry box

You guys sure seemed to love what I had hidden away in my jewelry box last month, but let me tell you there are some pretty amazing things out there that you can get your hands on right now to add to your own creepy crawly collection.

Pulling from my own wish list of arachnid wants, here are eight unique pieces you’ll want to buy yourself.

Tiny spider stud earrings from BBlingsilver

image © BBlingsilver

These tiny studs look like the perfect excuse to get that second earring piercing I keep telling myself I want to get. They are really small, but so adorable, I could see anyone finding value in these minuscule earrings.

Sterling Silver Spider bracelet from Frosted Willow

I’m not typically a bracelet person. I do a horrible dead wrist thing when I wear them, but this simple thin bangle looks like it would cure my “braceletphobia”. I love the classic design that still pulls off a sophisticated look at the same time. Perfect for the person that wants to show their arachnid love, but not draw too much attention.

Website | Etsy Shop

Spiderweb Etched Statement Necklace from Wicked Stain Glass Design

I actually came across Wicked Stained Glass Designs through Spooky Little Halloween’s Spring Cleaning Wishlist and was thrilled to discover she makes more than just suncatchers. This suncatcher necklace feels like it would be the perfect summer accessory.

Website | Etsy Shop

Arachne’s Fate Earrings from Hellaholics

image © Hellaholics

Although there’s only six legs, you definitely get spider vibes with this abstract pair of earrings. Plus I’ve never seen a name so appropriately given to spider-themed jewelry. If you find this pair up your alley, you’ll be pleased to know there’s also a matching pendant choker and ring.


Spunflower Earrings from Nightly Made

image © Nightly Made

I actually ended up crossing these adorable studs off my list at the end of May, and I’m thrilled to have as a part of my collection. A little bigger than they look in the listing, these cute earrings are eye catching enough to draw attention, but also subtle at the same time. They’re the perfect accessory for spring. Did I also mention that there’s a matching pin?

Website | Etsy Shop

Real Spider Web Pendant from Creative Cinderella

I’ve been steering away from pendant necklaces for a little while now, but this teardrop pendant is a must if you want to carry around some art made by nature’s finest weavers. Yup! Those webs you see are real spiderwebs preserved in resin. Beautiful!

Website | Etsy Shop

Corday Spider Web Bangle from Bow & Crossbones

Bangles are all the rage and perfect for that retro look, so why not add some webbiness to it? Bow n Crossbones  have these spider inspired bangles available in a plethora of colors to fit your wardrobe scheme. They keep both their Etsy AND online store well stocked.

Website | Etsy Shop

The Tear Collectors from Blood Milk Jewels

image © Blood Milk Jewels

This beautifully crafted necklace is a big ticket wish list item because of the price, but well worth the price. I love the truly elegant look of this necklace and feel it could be worn for any occasion and all year round. They also have this style with two other stone colors as well as having it in a single spider necklace and one with a spyglass.


Do you have any unique creepy crawly jewelry to add to my list? I’m always looking for something new!

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