The Cobwebs of Winchester Mystery House
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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2021: The Cobwebs of Winchester Mystery House

Last year, I prompted a virtual trip to Knight’s Spider Web Farm in Vermont. It was fun to learn about a place dedicated to spider care and fostering, but the virtual aspect left a lot to be desired. This year, I decided to see if I could find the cobwebs a little closer to home. With a little luck and a lot of safety precautions, we managed to make a grand discovery. The cobwebs of Winchester Mystery House!

dressed for cobwebs at Winchester Mystery House

With things easing up a little in September, we decided to finally make use of my Winchester Skeleton Key. We braved a visit to the estate on a self-guided tour as our first trip INSIDE the house. Prior to my self-guided tour visit, I had been unaware of the fact that Sarah Winchester had a deep affinity for cobwebs. If I had known this, I more than likely would have visited much sooner. You can only imagine my surprise and excitement when I started to notice beautiful stained-glass windows with cobwebs on our tour. I remembered seeing a couple small ones from the gardens back when we did my maternity shoot for Little Boo. However, I assumed that this aesthetic was just some sort of Victorian styling choice.

I know that previous visitors may be familiar with the large stained-glass window in the showroom with the thirteen orbs and spiderweb. It’s a beautiful piece and displayed most prominently. However, were your eyes keen enough to spy all the cobwebs we have discovered on our three tours so far?

I am sure there are more cobwebs hidden throughout the estate. Are there any you noticed on your visits to Winchester Mystery House? I would love to know where to look next down in the comments!

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