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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2021: Spider Creators to Follow

There really should be no question if I like spiders or not. I respect these fascinating creatures and adore the aesthetic they bring to my life and the symbolism found behind them. The spider is an extremely versatile creature not just in real life, but across all creative medias.

However, my knowledge of real-life spiders is nowhere near what it should be for someone who adores the animal kingdom’s Araneae order. Since this is a week for education and responsibility towards the care of these amazing creatures, I thought it would be a prime time to bring some spider enthusiasts to light.

I feel the following social media accounts embrace the love, care, passion and appreciation for our eight legged friends with messages that should be wider-spread around the world.

Tarantula Kat

Kat is so much fun to listen to and I love her raw honesty on the fact that she is still learning about the care of her tarantulas and spiders. She was previously an arachnophobe who used tarantula keeping as a means of helping herself get over her fear.

The Tarantula Collective


Richard is the creative mind behind the Tarantula Collective. Not only does he have an impressively amazing setup to showcase all his creepy crawlies, but also helpful advice for both those wanting to get into the hobby and seasoned tarantula collectors. He recently shared a very interesting snippet from his podcast about spider venom that I found particularly informative.


I discovered this spider photography account back in December when she shared photos of her jumping spider amongst glass ornaments, and I was hooked. She is all about proper care and kindness towards spiders utilizing her photos to show the raw and adorable sides of these tiny creatures.

Tarantula Cribs

It seems like all the tarantula and spider keepers I follow that reside in the USA have at least one Tarantula Cribs habitat and I can see why! These amazing cubes look perfect for all kinds of households and they use their social media platforms not only to show off their products, but also educate at the same time.

Lucas the Spider

Designed by an animator to prove to the world that spiders can be adorable, this channel contains a couple dozen animated shorts featuring the jumping spider named Lucas in hopes of warming him up to your heart. Although not educational, per say, Lucas is a great introduction to spiders for children whom might find themselves intimidated by spiders.

Exotic Venomo

Another fabulous spider photography account on Instagram. My favorite of their photos are all the shots of spider toes! Which, before following this account, I didn’t realize spiders even had. Did you? I don’t use them too much for education purposes, but they’re a great account to follow if you want to see all the different parts of spiders and their hundreds of thousands of species names.

Do you have any special resources or creepy keepers I should be following? Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know.

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