Creating a Tradition Inspired by the Halloween Tree

Two years ago, I finally dedicated myself to “conquering” Ray Bradbury’s “The Halloween Tree”. I adore Bradbury sci-fi works, but I had never committed time into reading this book. When I did, I was inspired. My vision and idea for Halloween and how it should be celebrated was changed. Of course last year, things panned out in ways I  had not hoped, so I didn’t really get to focus on that inspiration running through my mind.

This year I wanted it to be different and get committed. In the midst of a move, I’m taking on this daunting task of creating a new tradition. I am making a Halloween tree. But I do want to clarify. It is not going to be like what I have seen people do where they just get a black tree and decorate it with Halloween ornaments like it’s a Christmas tree for Halloween. I’ve seen that pulled off, but that is not at all what I want to do or accomplish.

Halloween is such a rich holiday, full of history and culture. I feel like it is often not as appreciated as much as it should be. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no where near what you might deem a history buff, but I love learning about things and sharing what knowledge I’ve garnered. I get to do that with this tradition I’m creating with my children as we bring the tree out each year.

Are you practicing a new Halloween tradition this year?

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  • Joseph Mello

    A new tradition this year? Not that I know of. We did make a trip to Salem, yesterday. That was fun. And we have a Halloween tree for several years now. It is sparsely decorated, to keep with the spooky feel of Halloween.

    • Chelsea Celaya

      How awesome! How was Salem? That must have been really unique and special. I’ll have to meander over to your blog to see if you have any pictures up of your Halloween tree! Thanks for swinging by!