13 Super Scary Movies

I hope, my dearest spiderlings, that you are ready to turn off the lights and snuggle up with a buddy who makes you feel safe because today we are talking about the films that have and still do scare, terrify, haunt and horrify me.

I’m a big scaredy cat. It doesn’t take much to put me at unease and not feel comfortable when feeling like something is going to scare me. Despite that, I still enjoy the occasional horror movie. I have been both laughed at and yelled at for getting scared in a movie theater from screaming or panicking over what is occurring on the silver screen.

I will say that what I find truly scary could be nothing to someone else. There are lots of good ones out there that show up on almost everyone’s list. There are many that others have said scared them and I was was somewhat disappointed. There are some I felt haunted me for weeks and I was ridiculed over it because the person in question found that film rather laughable instead of scary. The horror genre is really so huge and has so many sub genres that every’s fears can be found in a different monster. It’s hard to have everyone agree on what is really scary.

Below is a playlist of what I think are the scariest movies I have ever seen. I’d love to hear what you think of my scary picks.

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My Super Scary Movies

“The Nightmare” is a documentary interviewing a handful of people who deal with varying cases of Sleep Paralysis. Although I’ve never been officially diagnosed, over dinner my dad spoke up on repeated episodes I was having each night and he said as his skeptic self, “Ghosts aren’t real. It sounds just like sleep paralysis, which you more than likely got from me. I was diagnosed when I was younger and it sounds exactly the same.” Haha. Thanks for sharing that sooner, dad.

Why do I find this scary? Several of the accounts of the people were almost identical to my own experiences. Not all of them were the same, but it still hit super close to home. I haven’t mustered the courage to finish this film, but I know every time I start to watch it, I end up having an episode of sleep paralysis within a close span of days.

Who’s never at some point or another entertained the thought that their home might be haunted? “The Conjuring” plays well on classic tropes, yet still delivers something very unique and original.

Why do I find it scary? That Hide and Clap game is just too much. @___@ But I know it’s always a fear of mine to move into a home and discover that some presence is already dwelling there. Especially finding hidden spaces that weren’t supposed to be there and then bizarre things start happening after you’ve opened it. NO. THANK YOU.

Paranormal Activity took the home video genre and turned it on it’s head. It was a really well executed film. It’s sequels took a bit of a cultish turn, but the initial film still holds it’s power. I know I spent a lot of time yelling at the screen for the girl to leave her stupid boyfriend who decided to antagonize the evil thing. That’s a no go in my book.

Why do I find it scary? The couple in this film are pretty much helpless to what they can do about their experiences and as it progresses the girl looses more and more of herself, really becoming unable to do anything about what is happening around her. You just don’t mess with that stuff.

My sister popped this one into our DVD player many years ago, most of us in the room never even having heard of it, let alone seen a trailer. My mom had nightmares for weeks afterwards and my sleep paralysis was in full swing at that time, giving me many restless nights following it’s viewing where I would wake up and see something in the ceiling corner of my roon.

Why do I find it scary? The things hiding in the shadows and the dark corners of the room is a fear I have and dream about quite frequently. “Tiptoe through the tulips” red masked demon hanging out in the corner ceiling or in backgrounds of scenes was really not my idea of a fun visual. Queue the nightmares!

Let’s go explore some unexplored cave where no one knows where we are. And oh yeah. Turns out it’s been explored before. AND? It has a monster you really don’t see until the very end. In addition to many scenes that even non-claustrophobics will get some anxiety over, I feel like the moral of this story ends with not letting your friends lead you into places because people be stupid.

Why do I find it scary? I like to think I’m an adventurer, but going into a deep dark cave for hours with the chance of your only way out being the only way in and that way also having the potential of not being a way out thanks to it collapsing…no thank you. Plus, the monster lurking in the dark really does it’s job to deliver a memorable scare.

I was going to write up a brief summary of my thoughts upon discovering this when I was looking for the link on IMDB only to discover there is a second one being released this month. No. This is not ok. There is so much not ok going through my mind while I write this.

Why do I find it scary? The scariest monsters are what people let roam from the deep dark fantasies of their mind. I love Halloween, but I wouldn’t disagree that there are people out there that push the envelope on how far they will go and then there are the really dumb people out there who push blindly forward towards those individuals. Mankind are the scariest monsters and this movie shows that in a bone-chilling way whether you are the sheep or the wolf.

Special mention to Orin Grey for initially sparking my interest in this one.

After a car accident in the middle of a road running through a corn field as far as the eye can see, how could anything go wrong while deciding to romp about in the corn stalks?

Why do I find it scary? It was a really unique concept and the monster was very impressively executed. The fear of getting lost in the middle of nowhere and just not knowing what to do to turn the tide is really stressful. At times, there are gory scenes, but for most of this film, you’re just hoping someone, anyone, makes it out alive.

Another one of those films my sister turned on and let it roll. Also one of the few where she let me sit and watch in silence with no clues as to where it was going to turn. Definitely more of a psychological film compared to the rest on this list. Regardless, it is darn good and it is always one of the first I recommend to people when they ask for a scary movie. I want to make one thing clear. People say this is a zombie movie. In my opinion, it is not anywhere near being a zombie movie.

Why do I find it scary? The unknown of what is really going on out there past the location of the movie. The film has you trapped in this radio studio with their small crew as things are unfolding in their town, but the action doesn’t get to them until much later on in the film, building great anticipation for what you might not be expecting to come inside. I’m not one to keep up on news and current event type things and I feel like I would have a very similar experience.

Old school, yes, but some things you experience in your childhood just stay with you. You know how there’s that universal scare of moving into an old house with something haunting it, but how about a new one? “Poltergeist” is the only film I can think of that has attempted this kind of approach and boy does it linger at the back of my mind as we settle into our new home from our move at the end of September. ^^;;

Why do I find it scary? There’s many things, but really, the one thing that frightens me most in this whole film is the medium who comes to help them. She still haunts my nightmares. Plus, one day, I’m convinced I’ll turn around to look in the mirror and my face will melt off in true 80’s clay animation fashion.

I feel like it’s predecessor, “Ouija” was not so great and kind of fell flat, but “Ouija, Origin of Evil” was well worth the watch.

Why do I find it scary? Because you don’t mess with ouija boards. You don’t reach out to spirits. And this movie is why.

Creepy doll. Pregnant woman. Possessive demon. What could go wrong? A look into the sideline origins of the Warren’s Annabelle doll from “The Conjuring”. Even though the trailers put me on edge, I didn’t think it would hold up to what made “The Conjuring” so good. I was pleasantly surprised. Effectively creepy. Suspenseful and full of good jumps, “Annabelle” is great on its own without even being aware of “The Conjuring”‘s existence.

Why do I find it scary? Much of what made “The Conjuring” make my skin crawl was pulled off in it’s own individual way here. So…nope.

Probably the most tame of movies on this list in regards to a scare. Honestly, Cabin in the Woods would probably fall better in the Horromedy genre with it’s amazing sense of humor and delivery. The concept, I still can’t get over to this day. It’s very brilliant and I would love to see more collaborative works from Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon in the future if this is what they are able to throw together as a collaborative effort.

Why do I find it scary? To be honest, it was the afterthought of this film that got to me versus the scares themselves. There were plenty of jump scares to be had, but the concept of what the film actually is, is what makes it terrifying. Think about it.

  • The Exorcist

I have watched this film only once. To this day, I haven’t even finished it. Once upon a time, I had no fear. I gobbled up scary movies with vigor and interest like a child devours cocoa puffs. My sister, on the other hand, got easily scared by everything that might not even fall under the scary category. “The Mummy” with Brendan Fraser gave her nightmares. One night, my parents put on “The Exorcist”, then shortly fell asleep while my sister and I lay on the couch watching it go on. I continued to get more and more and more freaked out. When Regan came scurrying down the stairs in a backwards crab walk with her head upright, I immediately woke up my parents demanding that the movie be turned off. From that night onward, I was afraid of many many scary films whereas my sister became fascinated with it all. She’s pretty much the horror film aficionado in our household. I, meanwhile, never went back to finish “The Exorcist”. When I even start to consider it, I get all shaky and nervous. I may actually never finish it.

Why do I find it scary? When you can’t say exactly why it’s scary, but you know it is and it terrifies you thinking about it. Some days I get curious, but more often than not, I can’t muster up the courage.

What are some of the scariest movies you have ever seen?

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