halloween costume 2023 sneak eek #2

Halloween 2023 Costume Sneak Eek #2

It’s time for another Halloween costume sneak eek for 2023 with clue #2! That’s right. Henceforth, look forward to a new sneak (p)eek of what my Halloween costume will be every Saturday leading up to Halloween. The big reveal will be on the final Saturday of October.

It is surprising no one has guessed it yet. However, the guesses given so far made me go, “Woah! That makes a lot of sense, actually!” For example, one guess was Casey and Ghostface from Scream.

sneak eek #2

This second clue should make things a little more obvious than before. First thing to remember is that you should be guessing both mine and my husband’s costumes. We are doing a paired look. As I have noted, they go together.

Your second verbal clue is that they are “closet” costumes. We created our looks from things found in our wardrobes.

Why a Costume Sneak Eek?

Back when I was planning my Clue Carousal party, I had so much fun dropping party detail sneak peeks until invites went into the mail. This served as the inspiration for this feature. The idea behind my costume was unexpected, but all I needed was my husband to tell me I should do the thing last year.

In like manner, are you sharing a Halloween 2023 costume sneak eek as well? I always enjoy these kinds of games and would love to guess yours too!

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