halloween tree tradition

The Halloween Tree Tradition

Our pumpkin and marigold filled Halloween Tree is a tradition I’m pleased I started and then subsequentially stuck to. We haven’t exactly hit it on the head every year, but I adore how it has grown and is something the Littles both get excited over.

As a refresher for those not familiar with this five-year project, our Halloween Tree is more reminisce of Ray Bradbury’s than the Christmas trees-turned spooky that are popular on the web. No hate towards those trees. What people do with them are just jaw-dropping. However, I really wanted our tree to capture the essence of our different family cultures, heritages and traditions.

Our Halloween Tree tradition meshes the idea of the Day of the Dead ofrenda and the spirit of Halloween. We display our loved ones in photo frames beneath the tree, under the watch of our passed feline family members. In addition, I had a sugar skull kitty made by the amazing Spirit of Aine representing each of our kitties. In fact, I think of them as our alebrijes watching over the family that visits and warding off any evil that might be lurking in disguise.

We decorate the branches with little jack-o-lanterns that light up. These are hung amongst Marigold flowers. The littles add the flowers and pumpkins as they like. This adds even more personality, in my opinion.

Are you a Halloween Tree person? How do you celebrate with it?

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  • Rick

    been meaning to mention this for years now, I did follow your paper mache pumpkin guide and they are all hanging on my Mom’s Halloween tree.
    She was thrilled.
    So thanks for that!