Monster & Boo

Help Us Raise $100 for Don’t Be a Monster

I’m so excited to share that Little Monster and Lil’ Boo will be participating as fundraisers in Frank’s Virtual Fun Run benefitting Don’t Be A Monster (DBAM) on both Saturday, Aug. 15th and Sunday, Aug. 16th! We will be walking together as part of the Spooky Little Halloween Team within the safety of our neighborhood to spread the spooky spirit of kindness.

Our goal is to raise $100 for DBAM.

Both Little Monster and Lil’ Boo have fundraiser pages that can be donated to. I’ve split our goal between them since I couldn’t make just one page for both of them to share.

We’ll be sure to share some pictures of us getting into the spirit. Costumes are being encouraged and I’ve got a couple ideas for this. I hope you decide to help us reach our goal. Even a small donation of $10 can do so much!

A Little More About Don’t Be a Monster

DBAM is a non-profit anti-bullying organization that gives free bullying prevention assemblies to schools. They promote inclusivity, kindness, and community and teach students how to be an Upstander. I really love their vision and hope that with further funding they can make it out to California. I’ve been following them for a while and they are all about learning to stand up for not just yourself, but those whom are targeted, especially since they are the ones who tend to feel like there is no one there to support them, I adore this approach greatly.

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