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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2020: Itsy Bitsy Film Review

It’s hard not to appreciate a good creepy crawly creature feature, regardless of your preference on real-life arachnids and the 2019 Itsy Bitsy film has been on my list for providing a proper review. This hasn’t been the first time I’ve featured spider horror flicks, and it won’t be the last. However, this review is intended for those seeking a more “serious” spider flick versus a horror-comedy. Most arachnid horror films seem to take the tone of the later, so this was a refreshing watch.

I have been wanting to talk about “Itsy Bitsy” since I could preorder a dvd copy on Amazon. Bonus deal for those interested in checking out “Itsy Bitsy” before reading my thoughts! It is available on Amazon Prime for free if you are a Prime Member. No need to wait for a dvd to show up in the mail like I had to. 😉

Now let’s move on to my thoughts regarding this anticipated spider flick!

“Itsy Bitsy” (2009) Film Review

“Itsy Bitsy” lives up to delivering a lurking spider goddess that’s never quite fully revealed until the climax. A good chuck of the film leaves you anticipating when she will actually attack the characters, leaving you on edge.

The spider effects were really cool. The vision delivered well on a realistic jumbo spider. She seems like a real giant you might run into while wandering your home in the middle of the night. She is a gift of practical effects, so my opinion on that always tends to come out a little biased. However, there are some scenes that utilize CGI effects too.

The spider is supposed to be an ancient goddess that was being worshiped and contained in this black egg artifact. However, her killing spree motivation left me with more questions than answers. Despite the fact that the filmmakers set her up as this goddess being, her attacks feel far more animalistic. In addition, they seem more random than the actions of vengeful goddess spider.

I had a lot of questions. And I really wasn’t fond of most of the characters. Personally, I found it challenging to connect with them and their personal demons. In the end, I was rooting for those particular individuals to meet their ends in the spider’s web.

Final Thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy”

I would recommend giving “Itsy Bitsy” a go. If you fancy a good creepy spider flick that leaves you unsure of when she’ll strike, you’ll enjoy this. I won’t claim it will become a favorite after first watching, but it definitely delivers a unique setup and an intense environment.

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