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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2022: The Samhain Society Spider Specials

Although I boast that I am the queen of cobwebs, my fellow Samhain Society members have a plethora of spider specials worth looking into. I have shared music playlists form members on here as well as an eZine project that we all contributed to. They’re an amazing group of spooky pals I’m thrilled to call friends.

I thought it would be great to search through everyone’s archives and see what each person had to contribute to Be Kind to Spiders Week. They may not be as into spiders as I am, but many of them share an equal appreciation and show it in very fun and unique ways.

Samhain Society Members Cooking with Spiders

These tarts look absolutely divine! The flavors sound so super yummy and the recipe seems fairly simple to follow. As a bonus, they’ve also created a recipe for adorable cobweb donuts if you prefer a breakfast sweet!

I cannot tell you how badly I want to try making these amazing cocoa spiders. They’re so realistic looking and look like a perfect addition for a christmas spider themed winter party.

Samhain Society Fashionistas in Spiders

Penny shared her amazing custom skirt find via etsy and she absolutely rocks it. She shows you that you never know what better things you may discover with thinking a little outside the box and taking a gamble on a small business.

Midge Munster baked herself this beautiful pink cobwebbed birthday cake last year and I was obsessed! She made a video of herself going through the process of making her cake while doing a Q&A. The decorating with webs and spiders on her cake is fun, but can we talk about her beautiful dress?!

Samhain Society Members Decorating with Spiders

I just cannot get over how simply yet effective this DIY from James is. Who else is guilty of having burnt out lightbulbs around begging to be turned into spiders?

We can always rely on Mike to share the latest and greatest coming to the Halloween decor storefront. This jack-o-lantern spider will be perfect for all the spider lovers wanting to work in a different arachnid angle this Halloween.

Spooky is always putting the most unique cobweb items on my radar. And yet, she still manages to outdo herself by including tips on how to decorate with them as well. Who else has loaded up their shopping cart with spiderweb rugs from Sourpuss?

Samhain Society Historians Keeping Spider Tales

Kristen never has a shortage of artists and guests to draw inspiration from. (Don’t forget to inspect her archives after listening!) Her guest, Tanya is no exception. She goes into very cool details on Spider messengers and what you can hope to gain from a cosmic spider.

Jorene is always on the lookout for amazing pieces, and I just love the voice in her posts. She has a great selection of spider art pieces beyond this one I shared. As such, I strongly encourage you to use the search function on her blog to find them, because she has an impressive number.

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    • Chelsea

      Search functions are my friend! 👻 But yes, digging deep was the theme for this post. It was actually quite fun mucking about everyone’s sites to see what I could find!