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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2022: My Spring Spider Shower Room

Nothing quite acts like a retreat in our home like my spring spider shower room does. Then, I saw PennySnark pair her floral pendant with cobwebs on Instagram, and I took it as a sign. It was time to share my own spidery floral combination.

This bathroom decor look originally started as me not wanting to put my spider and spiderweb items away after taking them out for my 2020 birthday tea party. I wanted to try to theme the items with each season, but I never actually changed it from spring to something else. And so it stayed a floral cobweb retreat; perpetual spring any time of the year. Which works for me as a spring baby.

Tour the Spring Spider Shower Room

Future Shower Room Additions

It’s still rather simple, but I have many ideas for how to add to it, but those ideas cost money, so instead, I’ll drop my mini wishlist here. Perhaps it will give you some ideas for your own arachnid water closet.

  • Stained Glass Corner Spider Web
    • I’ve always adored these glass webs whenever they pop up in my searches. I would love to put one in each top corner of my bathroom windows.
  • Stained Glass Garden Stake
    • As you noticed, I have a handful of plants hanging out. How pretty of an addition would this be to those plants?
  • Pottery from DahliaCryptClay
    • Speaking of plants, I have my eye on getting said leave babies into some of Ams’ beautiful cobweb pots!
  • Sourpuss Spiderweb Bath Mat
    • Who doesn’t love a themed bath mat? This one is so perfect, but I’m not sure it will actually fit in our current space.

Bathroom Themes for Thought?

Before I wrap this bathroom tour up, I just had to share what amusing timing this post follows. I was just chatting with fellow Samhain Society members about the abundance of beach/ocean themed bathrooms. (Ironically, Monster and Boo’s bathroom happens to be 20,000 Leagues themed…) Which got me to thinking about my own bathroom and what I’ve transformed it into: a Spring Spider shower room. Who would’ve thought?

Do you have a fun bathroom theme? I’d love to hear all about it!

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