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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2020: Self-Education

Today, we’re doing a little self-education about the world of spiders for Be Kind to Spiders Week 2020. There’s so many species out there, it’s impossible not to find a fact you might find interesting! Just last year, I shared some fun facts on how to be kind to spiders. This year, I want to encourage you to find out more specifically about these creatures!

Don’t feel like going out and finding some arachnid facts? Well, lucky for you, I’ve been sharing little tidbits of spider trivia every other week on my Instagram. Read on for five unique things that you might not have known about these air-breathing arthropods we call spiders.

How are you feeling about this Spiders Self-Education course? Learn anything you didn’t know before? Which one was your favorite fact?

On another note, I know that there are many friends out there who suffer from arachnophobia or struggle to accept the spider. Ironically, I found this amazing book on Amazon that’s perfect for you. It may even ease your fear, ever so slightly.

I’m Trying to Love Spiders by Bethany Barton

Have any other interesting spider facts to share with me? Leave a comment down below or reach out on my Instagram. I’m always excited to learn something new about these fascinating creatures.

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