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Lil’ Boo Jungle Twos SeaQuest Adventure

Climb aboard the Lil’ Boo jungle twos (cruise) adventure at SeaQuest Folsom! He donned Skipper Frank’s hat to explore the many realms hidden within this petting zoo aquarium for his second birthday.

Discovering SeaQuest was sort of an accident for us. We were trying to find an animal-based experience for Lil’ Boo’s birthday since we knew his party/celebration was going to be jungle cruise themed. Although we have previously done a Jingle Cruise theme for Little Monster, we wanted Lil’ Boo’s Jungle Twos to be different and unique to him.

Lil’ Boo Jungle Twos Skipper

We decided to take inspiration for Lil’ Boo’s birthday look from the Jungle Cruise film. As a family, we all really enjoyed the film. Of course, this provided a fun, simple way to dress him up to fit the theme without being mistaken for a Steve Irwin. Not that there’s an issue with that, but I’m all about making the birthday kid stand out on their day.

We found these adorable dinosaur boots on clearance from Target. They looked enough like rhinos, that I figured they would pass with no one knowing. It acted as the perfect tribute to one of Erick’s favorite parts of the ride. The hat and outfit came from Amazon. I just removed the bow tie and it pulled off a simple Frank-inspired look. I then added a Lost Delta pin from Charles Thatcher for a subtle finish. Simple effort, yet adorably effective. Naturally, Little Monster matched in her Lily outfit.

A Party Room Fit for a Jungle Twos Skipper

We didn’t go too crazy with details and decorating outside of the cake. Besides, we planned to spend most of our time exploring and interacting with the animals of SeaQuest versus having an overly themed party setup. Adding to that, our guest count was under ten, consisting of the four of us, my sister and both sets of grandparents. Keeping these factors in mind, we kept the decor simple. Instead of spending money on new pieces, we decided to grab a handful of our jungle cruise decor to use as decoration. We did purchase a ship wheel to act as Lil’ Boo’s guestbook. However, I forgot the sharpies to sign it. (We’ll have everyone sign it later instead.) It still looked adorable posed with our Jungle Cruise tsum tsums and the Proxima jaguar plush we bought for Boo.

Pizza, Cake, Gifts and an Uromastyx

We opted to reserve a party package which included general admission for all our guests, a private room that we could decorate that also came with a private animal experience. They provided tablecloths for all the tables and we were allowed to decorate the party space however we wanted. We just had to be set up and broken down within the hour and forty-five minutes we were allotted. The window views to some of the aquariums was an unexpected bonus!

We chose pizza for the food because it’s always an easy quick party food choice. Luckily, there was a Costco right around the corner. That meant we enjoyed them nice and hot then moved on to cake. As has become tradition for us, Lil’ Boo’s Jungle Twos cake and cupcakes came from the ever delicious SweetArts Bakery. They did a beautiful job bringing our idea to life and the cake topper was a perfect fit.

Lil’ Boo Navigates SeaQuest’s Walking Jungle Cruise

SeaQuest was a true wonder to behold and exactly what we hoped for. They advertise themselves as a Land & Sea Adventure, inviting visitors to not just observe, but touch, feed and interact with their animals. Their space is like a track (sort of like the Jungle Cruise, but with walking), which is split into five different areas based off the different regional continents where the collection of animals can be found. I highly recommend watching the video at the start of this post to get a better scope of the setup.

All in all, this was a super fun discovery and we look forward to returning to SeaQuest again.

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