Putting Out The Halloween Tree

I’m excited to place the Halloween Tree back out this year! What do you think of it’s new home?

I’m hoping we can also replace the frames we use for our passed loved ones. The ones we have were just cheapo ones we bought for our wedding and I really want ones that fit the look a little better. Maybe gold frames to match the tree? I’m also in search of ideas to work in more aspects from the book. I’m hoping that when reading it again this year, it will spark some inspiration. Our Halloween Tree area is starting to look more like an ofrenda, and although I do want my daughter to experience the practices of Dia de los Muertos, I want out Halloween Tree to be a reflection of all our family practices, not just one.

Adding to the tradition this year, I’m reading the book, The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury to my daughter and after each chapter, we’ll hang one more lantern. I don’t know if she’ll be able to hang any this year. I’ll certainly try…but I’ll probably just be hanging them myself until she can.

You’ll also be able to join us as I read each chapter on Instagram Live leading up to Halloween through my handle @toastalongwithchelsea. It’s the perfect excuse to get to hear it. I’m no master story teller, but it’s a great way to work up the Halloween spirit. I’ll start reading on October 12th and read a chapter each night at 5PM Pacific Standard Time. I look forward to you joining us! 😉

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