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#MSSCountdownChallenge 2018

Are you ready for the Midsummer Scream Instagram challenge? Need some guidance on the topics? Save the image below to your phone and read on for some suggestions if needed.

Don’t forget to tag #msscountdownchallenge and @toastalongwithchelsea if you’re participating! I’d love to see how everyone does this year and how I can improve it for next year.

1. Scream

So excited you could scream? Show the world your best screaming face! Or give someone a scream. It’s up to you.

2. Previously @ Midsummer Scream

Share a little something from a previous experience at MSS. This doesn’t even have to be last year. Were you one of the lucky ones that made it to MSS’s first year? Share it! Were you unable to attend MSS previous years? Share what you were doing or how disappointed you were that you couldn’t make it. Who knows? Maybe someone decided to have a Summerween party because they couldn’t make it to MSS…

3. Pumpkins

Let’s find some Halloween in July! See a pumpkin? Pining for your Halloween decor? Have some pumpkin worked into your year-round decor? Show it off!

4. Summer scare

Watching a hip summer slasher? Planning to give a friend a spook? Startled by fireworks? What’s the summer scare you want to experience?

5. Halloween selfie

Show us your face and your passion for Halloween!

6. Bats

Real one. Fake one. Have any bats around your home?

7. Spooky listening

What wailing tunes have you got playing to get you in the mood?

8. Let’s have a drink!

It’s summer! Keep hydrated. Share a toast with a friend. Concoct a witchy brew.

9. Places to eat @ MSS

Looking for a place to eat while at Midsummer Scream? Share your discoveries. Or your wants to explore.

10. What scares you?

Spiders? Heights? Scary movies? Face your fears and take a picture of it!

11. Black

Something black!

12. Orange

Something orange!

13. Halloween memory

Midsummer Scream is all about Halloween. Reminisce with us! Share a photo from Halloweens past or something in your life that represents Halloween to you.

14. Candy break

Take a break. Enjoy some sweets. Or share your favorite Halloween treat with us.

15. Set the mood

How are your Midsummer Scream plans coming along? Are you making a costume? Prepping for a blog post? Share how you’re setting the mood!

16. What are you packing?

A lucky charm? Normal clothes? A special bag? I want to know!

17. Long Beach recommendations

Favorite hotel? Cool entertainment? Great place for drinks? Share your recommendations for us Halloweenies planning to engulf Long Beach. Never been? Share what recommendations you’re looking for!

18. Weapon of choice

Blogger? Youtuber? Podcaster? Cosplayer? Attendee? What’s your “weapon” of choice for convention attendance?

19. Scream friends

Who’s your boo crew? Or maybe, what Instagram friends are you excited to meet? Tag ’em!

20. Mini-haunt?

Are you planning to venture into the Hall of Shadows? Which mini-haunt are you dying to see?

21. Screaming room

There are constant films playing in Midsummer Scream’s “screaming rooms”. Is there a particular one that has caught your eye?

22. MSS shopping

Bring on the Halloween goods! What vendor(s) are you hoping to discover? What was your favorite discovery(ies) last year?

23. Panel

Any special lecture you’re hoping to sit in on?

24. Guest

Whom are you hoping to spy in attendance at the con? They don’t even have to be an official guest! Maybe it’s an attendee who’s youtube channel you love to follow. Or a Halloween blogger…

25. Costume / outfit

Cosplayer? Fashionista? Excited to break out your Halloween duds outside of October? Give us a peak at what you plan to wear to Midsummer Scream!

26. Suitcase

Are you packed? Is today your travel day? How’s it looking? Or better yet, let’s keep it simple. Show off your suitcase!

27. Buck moon

A July Moon is called a Buck Moon or Thunder Moon. Tonight is the Full Moon! Show it off. Just one more sleep until Midsummer Scream!

28. First look

Let’s see your first picture of the day! Is it your ticket? Walking up to the convention center? Your first panel? Your first purchase?

29. Scared yet?

How are you surviving Midsummer Scream? It’s day two and there’s so much to experience. Don’t forget to share it!

30. Favorite moment

Midsummer Scream may have ended, but that doesn’t mean you have to move on from the dream. What was your favorite moment? Reminisce today! Soak up the Halloween goodness. October is still three months away. 🙁

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