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Six Months Into Motherhood

I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for six months! I can’t believe my baby girl is already six months old! Where did the time go? It still feels like we just came home from the hospital yesterday. The time is flying to fast, but I’m doing my best to enjoy every moment of it. Before I get into all the fun overview of what’s gone on the last three months, please enjoy this cute little video I compiled of my baby girl’s 183 days so far. 🙂

I’m always getting asked why I’m not sharing photos, and to be honest, I’m just being so caught up in the moment and enjoying watching her grow. Sharing that with the world is not exactly high on my priority list. Any photos I take is to capture for reflecting on later, much like you see in the video above.

Month Four

We celebrated mommy’s birthday on her four month mark! She was a little tiger and charmed the crowds, although it was much too warm to don her fur by the time guests started arriving. Araceli’s doctor has cleared her for eating solids just today so we’re on to big girl stuff now! She is just growing way to fast. I may be the only mommy out there that wants her baby not to be hitting milestones. I don’t feel like I’m getting enough time to enjoy each one!

Month Five

Look at this beautiful girl! I could just eat her up! She is just about ready to sit up by herself now and loves to turn over in her sleep and squash her face. >.<;; Araceli’s fifth month has been nice and calm and full of very little, but she did make her first long drive all the way down to El Centro for her tio and tia’s wedding! It was just a smidge too long of a trip for her first, but she still did amazingly. We even ventured a visit to Trader Sam’s. That was quite the treat for Mommy.

Month Six

Fully sitting up and just about ready to move! She’s not really a fan of the crawling position, but she loves to be standing up and guided around the house using her own two feet. As it’s starting to get warmer, we’re introducing water into her life and she’s still deciding on if she likes it or not, but she’s leaning more towards liking it. She’ll have her six month check-up and shots tomorrow, which for some reason is making me nervous! ^^;

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