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Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars

Last year, I celebrated my birthday adventure in wine country. I had such a blast that I decided to do the same this year and even ventured out of my comfort zone from my beloved Castello di Amorosa.

I was not sure what awaited us during our time at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, but it was certainly a time to be had and I’m extremely glad I discovered this winery, almost completely by accident.

Now, Stag’s Leap has a very rich history and if you’re into that kind of thing (which I just so happen to be), they have a lot to share, not only about their Bordeaux conquering cabernet, but also a historical conflict with another winery over use of the name “stags leap”.

If the history doesn’t grab your interest, Stag’s Leap’s tasting room views certainly will. I have been to many beautiful and unique tasting rooms, but nothing can quite compare with the modern architecture and focus on their vineyard views. Stag’s Leap has created a very unique and original tasting room experience for all of their visitors, from simple tasters to the fancier tours.

Stag’s Leap also has beautiful man made wine caves that contain just as much history and intrigue as the vineyard’s. My favorite area was most certainly the round room, but it was all stunningly gorgeous and rich in experience.

And of course, we cannot forget the wine! There is definitely a reason why Stag’s Leap is responsible for putting Napa wines on the map, upholding a beautiful standard to this day in the quality of their vintages. You can find a few of their standard wines  in local markets and some restaurants, but their vineyard-exclusive wines certainly take the cake. As much as I have enjoyed what I’ve tried prior to our visit, their publicly available wines pale in comparison to what we had the pleasure to try during our tasting.

My husband and I had put in a reservation for their wine and food tasting which goes under the name of “Fire and Water Tour & Tasting”. Before our tour could begin, there was a sampling of white wine in our hands as we waited for the rest of our group to gather. Our small ten-person group was taken around the vineyard and through the wine caves (see above for pictures) and then to our own private room for food and tasting.

Our fantastic host and guide, JoJo.

Our guide and sommelier was simply perfect. He was very informative about the vineyard and so unbelievably enthusiastic, we didn’t want to leave. We know that when we return to Stag’s Leap in the future, we will ask for him again.

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