The Crypt-Kicker Five

Even if you’re not as infatuated with Halloween as I am, it’s  still very likely that you have heard the unyielding classic Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. Even though it feels like you start to skip the song every time it comes on halfway through October, it still remains a personal favorite of mine.

For me, Halloween music is all a part of the season and it’s very often an inspiration for crazy ideas and costumes. Yes, even the grossly overplayed Monster Mash!

But did you ever feel like there was so much more to the rock and rollin’ world of Boris’ Mash? Such as, what is with the animosity between Drac and Boris? If Boris already created his monster, why was he working late in the lab? What part of the band does Drac play? Talk about overanalyzing a song! >.<;;;

One year, a particular line brought great inspiration…

“The coffin-bangers were about to arrive, with their vocal group, “The Crypt-Kicker Five”

Coming from a family of six, I always thought it would be super fun for all the gals to dress as the Crypt-Kicker Five (us four girls and our mom) with my dad as Dr. Pickett himself. I even drew it up to get my family open to the idea.

Crypt-Kicker #0 – The Witch

The design I came up with for my mom. She’s Crypt-Kicker 0 because she’s mom. I mixed in my mom’s fashion sense with witchy flare.

Crypt-Kicker #1 – The Spider

My design. Obviously. >.<;; I was going for a bit of victorian mix with 50’s high society.

Crypt-Kicker #2 – The Vamp

Sister #1 has always loved vampires and this was the first Crypt-Kicker I drew up. I tried to mix in a little of her passion for french rococo in the top, but still captured that 50’s look in the rest of the outfit.

Crypt-Kicker #3 – The Werewolf

Sister #2 was always the wild one and she said her favorite monster was a werewolf at the time. Since she and sister #3!were in high school when I drew these, her outfit had more of a 50’s prom influence.

Crypt-Kicker #4 – The Demon

Sister #3 was very into demons, but she was very critical of my original designs and we went through a few variations until she was sort-of happy with what I came up with. :/ I still like my original idea on the right, but everyone has a different sense of taste, right?

Alas, we’re all grown, and not even all under the same roof any more. So I had to scrap the idea for a long time. Still, it hung out in my notebook with dreams of the future. I thought it was time to share it on the blog.

Perhaps it will inspire someone else. 😉

Do you crazy brainstorm costumes inspired by a song? Or maybe even a movie? How do you come up with your costume ideas?

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