The Halloween Guys in Modesto, CA

On September 7th, I had the pleasure of getting to attend opening day of a local Halloween store in my area. Modesto, California, to be exact. Modesto is only a 15-20 minute drive from my home depending on traffic and I was not disappointed by this very exciting pop-up shop dedicated to the Halloween season.

Even more exciting was that I had a very enjoyable conversation with the owner of the store and got permission to film and take photos! The owner, Ray, runs two other party stores during the rest of the year and has launched The Halloween Guys the last five years in the same location. Getting to talk to him was quite wonderful and it was very special getting to hear from someone whom very clearly loves the season and wanted to make a store available to those of like mind with quality offerings at unbelievably reasonable prices.

There’s so much I loved about this store, but you’ll really have to watch the video for a peek into the vast aisles of The Halloween Guys!

Compared to the bigger box stores that pop up during the Halloween season, The Halloween Guys is really something special. As someone who gets so overwhelmed by the lack of organization and ease of finding what your looking for when it comes to costumes and accessories at bigger stores like Spirit, these guys had it done right. It was extremely easy to find anything I tried to look for. The selection was super balanced among all the age groups, which spanned from infants, children, teens, women and men. Yes. Balanced. No half aisle of baby options. No one men’s option to every five women’s. They had a good two full long aisles to each group. And as mentioned with organization, that’s just the costumes. Accessories, wigs, masks and props were in their own sections and extremely easy to navigate through. Added bonus that there was a sectioned off 18+ themed costume area. Perfect for those with curious little ones who come across those questionable costumes you might not be crazy about explaining in the middle of a Halloween store.

Another thing that was mentioned while I talked with Ray and I greatly appreciated as a new mother was that all of the decor was intentionally placed in the back in a specific area. Not that my little monster has been scared by these things through our experiences yet, knowing that some children can be more sensitive to the jumping spiders and creepy parts, knowing that you could essentially avoid scaring and/or scarring your little one simply by avoiding the back of the store was a choice the owner made that I fully endorse!

Speaking of scares, the Halloween Guys work alongside a local haunt group who actually run a full blown haunt with live actors during weekend hours while the shop is open! I’ve seen haunts next door to Halloween stores, but never inside. I know some people make their visit to Halloween stores a weekend occasion and this is just an awesome addition to the experience for those going out of their way to make a stop at the shop. And at only $10 to walk through, I’d say that’s quite the bargain!

Enjoyed what you saw? Be sure to visit them in person AND on Facebook!

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