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The Toasting Skipper ventures into Trader Vic’s Hawaiian Bazaar

It has been silly busy this April. Considering I was planning to take it very easy in real life after all the crazy wild adventures I embarked on in March, the month still ran away with me. With it being my birthday month, I couldn’t help squeezing in an unexpected trip or two.

For example, we decided at the last minute to go ahead and swing by Trader Vic’s for their Hawaiian Bazaar and Brunch. We had discovered that the artist whom we had purchased a tiki mug from was going to be vending there and since Trader Vic’s is family friendly, it was the perfect excuse for a spontaneous adventure!

The main event for our visit…the Keahi mug from B-Rex

We’ve checked out Trader Vic’s Hawaiian Bazaar and Brunch before when I was super pregnant. It was my last “long distance” trip I could take before hitting 36 weeks. It was really fun then, but it was definitely even more fun this time around, getting to enjoy cocktails and really converse with vendors; scoping out ideas and planning future purchases for continual tikification of our living space.

This weekend felt like there were a whole lot of people in attendance, but not as many vendors as I remembered when we attended prior. Still, it felt busy and crazy and I was seeing purchases being made constantly for everyone, which is always pleasant to witness.

Sadly, I completely forgot to take photos consistently (per usual) and don’t really have much to show off outside of some cards I grabbed and to show off what I bought.

All goods we acquired at the Hawaiian Bazaar

I got to check off one of my long time tiki wishlist items (while adding on a gazillion other things) with the purchase of B-Rex’s pufferfish pin. I also got a pair of his new shipwreck mai tai glasses and just released “I Hate / Love B-Rex” pin. Brian has a great sense of humor, a fun eye for design and awesome colors that make up his art style. I’m always happy for a chance to see him in his element.

Do you Hate or Love B-Rex?

The Art of B-Rex

I also FINALLY made two very unique purchases form a vendor I’ve been eying since my first Bazaar experience. Michael and Karissa Grider are the super fun couple behind “Grider Adventure Art” and it was my first time actually having the opportunity to really talk with them. Last time, their booth was so packed with people and my swollen pregger feet were not up to waiting for crowds to mellow out. Grider Adventure Art has very unique wares for the tiki medium, considering that nearly all of their merchandise is made from metal. I got some super cool torch swizzle sticks that can be lit like a real flame torch and preordered a pair of the adorable Octobarrel mugs you can spy in the photo.

Grider Adventure Art’s eye-catching booth. I spy a wild B-Rex…

Grider Adventure Art

I took a photo of the business cards I did manage to collect, but I’m still trying to get a comprehensive list together of all the vendors that were present. There were so many fun and unique vendors and I wish I could have made purchases from each one on Sunday.

Do you have any tiki functions planned for attendance this year?

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