A Toast to the Random

A Toast to Blogging with Chelsea

As I jump back in with renewed vigor, I thought it was time for a little toast to blogging with me, Chelsea by re-introducing myself and what it is I do here.

If you have not guessed by now, my name is Chelsea. Some of my top hobbies are cocktails and cobwebs. I have been blogging for longer than I would care to admit. I have never been good at keeping a diary or journal, but blogging seemed totally up my alley. However, like my LiveJournal and DeviantArt accounts, it would often collect dust for months before I touched it. My habits are a little better these days, but I cannot say by much.

What’s with Halloween?

I discovered the Cryptkeeper’s Countdown to Halloween in 2010 thanks to Dave Lowe’s ParaAbnormal web comic. I was already sharing daily posts at this point and decided to join in the following year. My blogging motivation shot up. I love to celebrate all variety of holidays and so choose not to embrace Halloween all year round, but I sneak it in here and there through my love of spiders.

My family has always been big on Halloween. More specifically, my mother has always made it a big deal for my siblings and me. She was the first person to introduce us to the quirkiness of Elvira and her music, our first horror films (and horror comedies which still tend to be my preferred selection), and the details of Halloween decorations. Happily, the Halloween spirit has continued to haunt me all my life. These days, I help my mom cover our halls in wallpaper scene setters to transform our home into THE spook house of our neighborhood. We’ve even graduated to being THAT house that hands out full size candy bars! Meanwhile, I do my best to work all the things that I grew up loving about Halloween into my celebrations with my two littles.

Meet Momvira with Her Littles

Speaking of my littles, I am a full-time mother to a three-year-old inquisitive minded monster and her one-year-old spook of a brother. These two keep my days rather full in the best of ways. Honestly? I would not change a single moment of it. I have to say I really love playing up the spooky mom aspect of motherhood, even giving them adorable nicknames that suit their personalities. I’ve shared a little here and there about Little Monster and Lil’ Boo on the blog before, but I’m excited to kick a new project off the ground for family visitors wanting to keep more in the loop about them over my other hobbies.

The Things I Dabble In

As for my interests, I always have the next big project or idea brewing before I even sit down to bring the first one to life. This mindset often gives me the feeling that I am running behind. However, I have really been trying to refocus on the joy on the process over the demand for content supply. I pulled this off when it came to Arachnid Astrology, Monster and Boo’s weekly October cosplays (Gravity Falls, Traditional Ghosts, Over the Garden Wall, & Hocus Pocus), and Be Kind to Spiders Week 2021. I just need to keep reminding myself of what my headspace was like when throwing those together for future projects.

It is impossible to ask me to narrow my interests down to just one topic. However, if you take a moment to gander around my blog, you’ll find I love dressing up, drinking tasty cocktails and wines, discovering fun places with fun cocktails and planning themed parties. As of late, I greatly enjoy spinning my fashion sense into my webdrobe.

I love to dabble in a little bit of everything. Sewing, singing, dancing, photography, videography, sketching, movie marathoning, I could go on! Honest truth? I love crafting, but I HATE documenting the process. I get extremely frustrated by the phrase, “it’s the process, not the product”. (even though I adore Maria Montessori 100%). I am more excited to get to use the finished product for whatever it’s purpose was, that the documentation for it is often neglected.

Celebrating Little Moments

When I am not lost within my creative mind, I am sharing mine and my family’s adventures both big and small. We’ve done everything from simple home entertainment to convention weekends and fancy vacations. I wouldn’t say we travel as often as we might like, but we find lots of amazing places. We try to plan trips that don’t require us to pack much, because kids definitely don’t pair with packing light.

A Toast!

I think this might be a little overwhelming summary of me. However, if you’ve made it this far, pour yourself a glass! It is time to toast along with me as I finish off this introductory post. Thank you for reading all about me. I look forward to keeping you caught up in my cobwebs with future post.


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