Webdrobe Brainstorming

I’m presently in the midst of a closet purge and I was planning to share that process with you today. However, in the midst of filming there was a little mishap. While I sort the issue out, I decided it might be fun to show off some fabrics I have my eye on and some ideas I’ve been brainstorming for my webdrobe.

Black Cobweb Venice Lace Trim

Black Venice Lace Trim cobweb spider lace | Etsy

webdrobe brainstorm victorian jacket

I am very excited for this lace. I want to trim everything with it, starting with this Victorian-inspired jacket. It might not be so much for my every day closet, but I think it will compliment beautifully.

Blue Spider Web mesh 2-Way Stretch Fabric

Blue spider web fabric Spider web fabric Halloween fabric | Etsy

webdrobe brainstorm victorian walking skirt

This fabric has such a pretty sheen to it. I’m excited to work it into the skirt of the Victorian jacket above as an overlay.

Spiders & Cobwebs Pinstripe Cotton Fabric

Halloween fabric spider fabric cobweb cotton fabric by the | Etsy

webdrobe brainstorm pinstripe pencil skirt

I have been eyeing this pinstripe fabric for quite some time. As you’ve seen before, I am a sucker for pinstripes. Can you blame me?

Spider Web Power Mesh 4-Way Stretch Fabric

Power Mesh Lining Black Spider Web Mesh Fabric Sold by the | Etsy

webdrobe brainstorm flutter circle skirt

I want to make all kind of things out of this fun mesh fabric, but I think it would be especially fun layering with orange tulle and turning into a poufy twirly extra full circle skirt.

Embroidered Spider Lace Applique

Embroidered Spider Lace Applique | Etsy

webdrobe brainstorm leather jacket

I have wanted an excuse to play with appliques. I have stumbled across some really beautiful ones. Don’t you think this one would look adorable on the shoulders of a leather jacker?

Bullet Textured Spider Web Knit Fabric

Bullet Textured Spiderweb Liverpool Poly/Spandex Stretch Knit | Etsy

webdrobe brainstorm summer blouse

I’m still not set on what exactly I’d use this for. I feel like it would make a perfect summer top with long sleeves to protect from the sun. The fabric looks really breathable, which would keep from overheating with the longer sleeve.

Spider Web Garden Cotton Fabric

SPIDERWEB GARDEN Fabric by Robert Kaufman Jewel Flowers | Etsy

webdrobe brainstorm tiki caftan

I feel like this fabric screams tiki vibes. Tiki vibes translate to casual lounging. Which in turn equals…caftan!

Thin Translucency TPU Fabric

1/2 yard Thin translucency TPU Fabric Transparent Clothes | Etsy

webdrobe brainstorm winchester windows dress

I’m very excited about this project. Inspired by our visit to Winchester Mystery House in April, I want to make a dress based on Sarah’s gorgeous cobweb windows.

What would you use these fabrics and trimmings towards?

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