tour the garden wall kitchen

Take a Tour of the “Garden Wall” Kitchen

Having concluded our tour of the family room, we continue into the next one inspired by “Over the Garden Wall”; our Garden Wall Kitchen, if you will.

Inspiring Vibes of the Garden Wall

As mentioned in my last tour, my husband planted the seed of theming things after “Over the Garden Wall” in our kitchen. Obviously, I ran with this and I’m quite happy with the end result.

tour the garden wall kitchen

Our new kitchen is small, but also boasts a greenhouse window, which I filled with herbs. My goal was to make our kitchen functionable while still providing tributes to the show.

The Finer Details of the Kitchen

As you come up the steps from the family room, the leave-garlanded banister is not what catches your eye. Instead, it is the Enoch-inspired chandelier. Covered in crepe paper cut and taped to fit the unique shape of the lamp’s center, green streamers hang from the base. At the same time, your eyes lead you to the charming prints of LittleGhosttCo and a fallen branch bedecked in autumn flare.

The table beneath the chandelier is set with a tiered tray loaded with Halloween treats and kitchen necessities. Following along the counter leads you to the garden window. It is full of fresh herbs and a lantern that gleams welcomingly when the sun sets. When the sun becomes too much, a curtain rod with little bluebirds hold a curtain that can block the light. A sign above welcomes you to the garden. Furthermore, the shelves bordering the window contain small knickknacks that tell the adventures of two brothers and their discoveries into the Unknown.

prepare to tour the dining room

Did the kitchen provide some further inspiration for your own decor? For the most part, this space is simple when it comes to decorations, but as we squeeze through the serving hatch into the dining room, you’ll find a very vintage vibe awaits.

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