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Take a Tour of “The Unknown” Family Room

Enter The Unknown as I take you on a tour of our “Over the Garden Wall” inspired family room. Earlier this year, we moved into a new living situation. For this reason, I now had a whole selection of new spaces to experiment with decor in!

For our kitchen, my husband planted the seed of theming things after “Over the Garden Wall”. Obviously, I ran with this and extended it into our adjoining family room.

Creating the feeling of entering The Unknown

I wanted this room to give the vibe of walking through an Autumn forest. Imagine crunchy leaves beneath while they also shower from above. Little nods to the show acted as subtle accents placed on the shelves and fireplace. For the same reason, my hope was that it almost felt like the Beast was watching you from somewhere.

The Finer Details of the Family Room

I’ve tried to work in a handful of fun details that I hope visitors will spot, regardless of the fact that this is an unfinished project. In the meantime, my new Pottsfield tapestry blanket from Bat in Your Belfry supports the look as a whole. It acts as the cushion to sitting amongst the leaves as you soak up the vibes.

The Mantle

I wanted to make the room overflow with more natural-feeling items and the mantle comes into play for this purpose. In fact, the tree branch was trimmed from our olive tree in the front yard! I attached the leaves with hot glue, trying to pattern the leaves in a way that seemed natural. To emphasize the autumn feelings, I arranged the darker leaves closer to the main branch. In truth, Half of me wants to leave the branch as-is and save it for next year. However, I’m also hoping to repurpose the tree branch for Christmas.

However, the axe also gives me this bizarre sense of accomplishment. Meanwhile, amongst the branched hurricane glasses you’ll spy beautiful vintage German nesting dolls illustrating black cats and pumpkins. These wooden beauties were an antique find from Velvet Apparition and serve to represent Enoch and the toymaker in the tavern.

The Entertainment Shelf

Lastly, we come to the final shelf. The top shelf is adorned with a lamp sporting a branch-detailed lampshade alongside our different Halloween traditons. These lamps contain faux leaves, mini pumpkins and candy corn branches I collected over the years. You may recognize our Halloween Tree to the newer Folks and Fables activity. As shown in the photos, the rest of the shelves contain our DVDs, Halloween books and similarly themed puzzles and trays to do them. This is where we loose the theme a little, but I love how it still feels like a complete piece to the space.

What other tiny nods do you spy in this room setup?

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Unknown inspired family room. Now that it has finished, I’m looking forward to guiding you through our next space which continues our Over the Garden Wall theme in the kitchen

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