25 years of practical magic
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Macabre Made Me: 25 Years of Practical Magic

With Practical Magic celebrating 25 years since its release on October 16th in 1998, my look takes its influence from the ending scene of the film.

25 Years of Practical Magic

For those not familiar with the 1998 cinematic masterpiece “Practical Magic” starring Nichole Kidman and Sandra Bullock (IYKYK), it’s about a cursed family of witches. That sums it up very simply, but its definitely a film for the ladies.

My ghoulfriends, Penny and Midge from the Ghouls Night In Podcast do an absolutely stellar job discussing this film. I highly recommend giving the episode a listen. Then go give the film a watch. Go on. I’ll wait for you.

Practical Magic – From the Webdrobe

As a matter of fact, this Macabre Made look is 100% closet dig. In fact, this was actually a previous “costume” from 2021 where all the women in our household at the time dressed as Owens women. For this purpose, our only guideline was to wear an all black dress with a witch hat. I threw in the red and white striped stockings to be more true to the film, but let me tell you, those stockings were a PAIN to track down.

My dress is from Elvira’s collaboration collection with Pinup Girl Clothing. However, the real star of this look is the hat. Seeing that the milliner, Evercrumbly & Witch, actually design their own hat inspired by the film, the hat is an obvious choice. And it. Is. GORGOEUS! In other words, this hat is a prized piece of my collection and I love to wear it any opportunity I get. Also seen here is the beautiful Petals and Poison Sleepy Hollow necklace, a Kickstarter reward that showed up JUST intime for these photos.

Why Macabre Made Me?

This year, it came to my attention that many films I adore were celebrating milestones. By comparison, this felt serendipitous to my own celebration of 35 years. In light of this, I decided to pull together an outfit ensemble that took influence from these films. In like fashion, did you check out my Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween inspired look and cocktail yet?

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