Websday Live with Spooky Sarah Says

I’m brimming with anticipation to announce my next WEBSDAY Live guest; Sarah of Spooky Sarah Says and Geeks Who Eat. We’ll be changing up the date and hosting my IG LIVE to this Thursday, October 21st!

Websday Live with Spooky Sarah Says

What exactly is Spooky Sarah Says?

Spooky Sarah is one half of Geeks Who Eat, a food blog with amazing recipes inspired by all types of pop culture. This ghoul keeps her hands full and shuffles it amazingly well. Not only do she and her husband run Geeks Who Eat, she also cohosts Final Girls Feast with Witchy Kitchen, a podcast about food in Horror AND runs a horror review blog under Spooky Sarah Says.

My Websday LIVE with Spooky Sarah

Sarah will be joining me in mixing up a beautiful cocktail inspired by Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed. This gorgeous cocktail requires only 3 ingredients and was one Sarah had a special hand in creating. If you wish to join us, you can check out the recipe ahead of time!

Highlights from Spooky Sarah Says, Geeks Who Eat & Final Girls Feast

As I mentioned before, Sarah keeps busy! There’s so much to explore so I thought I’d get your interest piqued by drawing your attention to some of my favorites that have kept this ghoul on my radar.

A Podcast for Foodies that love Horror

If you haven’t stumbled across this gem of a podcast, get on it! I LOVE hearing these two ghouls chat about food in films. It’s such a fun concept and starts to make you analyze the role food plays in films.

The Book of Nightmares and Noms

I got to hear about the process behind this passion project of Sarah’s and Matthew’s during one of Spook Little Halloween‘s Instagram Lives last year and I cannot wait for it to be released. A fully photographed book featuring recipes based around Horror? Count me in!

Lists every Horror Fan Needs

On Sarah’s film blog, she puts together these amazing Horror Movie Lists, perfect for anyone wanting to add to their personal watch list or go all in for a theme night of movie-watching. Feel more like tv series binging? She has television lists too!

I cannot wait to host Sarah on Wednesday and hope you will come join in on our mixology fun and listen to the very fun…

geeks who eat

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