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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2023: At Winchester, We Wear Webs

For very silly, yet fun reasons, I decided to start the trend, At Winchester We Wear Webs. In the case of social media hashtags, #atwinchesterwewearwebs is more appropriate.

Hear me out. When I visit the Winchester Mystery House, I always don my cobwebs. Why? Because Llanda Villa is riddled with them, of course! Whether you believe Sarah loved this motif or not, the prescience of cobwebs cannot be denied. This is mostly seen in the form of windows.

Both leaded glass and stained glass windows can be found with different cobweb designs. To list a few of my favorites, the leaded glass windows at the very front of the house and the ones on the side that are part of the thirteenth bathroom can be seen from the gardens. When you have the chance to explore the interior, you can find the colorful stained glass spiderweb windows in the kitchens, around a fireplace and in the gallery. They. Are. Everywhere.

Assuming this was Sarah’s choice, nearly every visit of mine to Winchester Mystery House includes a spiderweb somewhere on my outfit.

Wearing Webs at Winchester

My hashtag, #atWinchesterwewearwebs is a call to action for all my cobweb fashionistas. While at the same time, it is a call to immersing yourself in some history. This historic home still has so many secrets, yet the cobwebs settle like decorative lace. They lure you in, but keep you guessing.

A tribute to cobwebs and the number 13

Would you believe that my latest visit to Winchester sparked this hashtag? It’s true! My family took an afternoon to enjoy the gardens between the rainy weather and I decided to repurpose my outfit from Beyond the Veil and combine it with a concept from Holidays with the Historian. For the Holidays with the Historian tour, I decorated my Victorian ensemble with thirteen beaded spiders. As much fun as this was, my dress was made before children. In addition, it was no longer comfortable to wear.

I decided to take those spiders and move them onto my giant cobweb circle skirt I made to wear for Sarah’s deathiversary event.

The results are stunning. However, what I love most about this revamped look is how the spiders are more subtle.

In complete honesty, we counted the spiders so many times to be sure we were catching them all in the photos. Unfortunately, we kept coming up one short. Naturally, I assumed one had fallen off. However, when I went to put the skirt away, I counted and found them all! What a cheeky spider!

Remember, at Winchester we wear webs

And so, I end this note with a mission for you. Help me grow this hashtag, both for the silly fun it is sure to bring about, but also to encourage you to visit this wonderful landmark in the heart of San Jose. I cannot help but think of the fun location hashtags breed. (i.e. tiki friends are sure to be familiar with #tradersamsbathroomselfie) It is my hope that this one gains some fun traction too.

And so, let this be one final reminder that when you visit this historic home, at Winchester we wear webs.

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