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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2023: Tarantula Tea Treats

It has become a personal tradition to host a tarantula-esque tea complete with proper tea time treats. However, I’m always looking for more creepy crawly takes to add to my spread, be it sweets, drinks or decor. Lucky for me, a handful of my Samhain Society pals and additional spooky friends have my back with some delights to build from!

Tarantula Tea Food Treats

Creepy Crawly Fruit Tray – Your Best Halloween Ever

The post that inspired this one! As I mentioned before, I’m always looking for an easy new snack to add to my tea spread and this fruit tray hit all the marks. I love fruit platters at any party. They’re an easy bite to assemble and when you make them visually appealing, they become rather memorable with your guests. Do NOT skip on the fruit dip. The marshmallow fluff combined with the cream cheese is not only a delightful combination, but an easy make.

Dr. Moreau’s Gateau – Ghoul at Heart

This gorgeous cake may look complicated, but I love that it relies upon a box cake recipe and collection of spooky Halloween chocolate molds. I feel that the cobweb-inclined could easily transform this cake into a spidery floral cake. Just mix in a little imagination. Plus, the margarita flavor twist sounds mouth-watering.

11 Spooky Deviled Egg Recipies – Spooky Little Halloween

I am a HUGE deviled egg fan and love that Spooky is too. There are quite a few recipes here that could work with a Miss Muffet and Spider themed tea party. My personal favorite is dicing the olive up into legs and a body for a little arachnid easter egg on your platter.

On the topic of deviled eggs, you may have noticed that I used Ghoul at Heart’s laid to rest deviled eggs recipe to make little insects from the deviled egg stuffing. It was super easy to do and I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s a super simple way to elevate your deviled egg game.

Black Widow Pumpkin Beignets – Eat the Dead

These beignets sound so yummy and perfect for a Miss Muffet tea party. The shape after these goodies are fried. Their shape give a wonderful realistic vibe which would be fun to make your guests a smidge unsure on if they were grabbing an actual sweet or a spider.

Spiderweb Mint Cracker Cookies – Nikk Alcaraz

Simple and sweet, these salty sweet crackers could have that floral spin put on them as well. Try different flavored chocolates or attempt other designs in the chocolate to give the appropriate cobwebbed carousal vibe. (anyone else agree that webs and florals are meant to be?)

Tarantula Tea Decor Treats

Spiderweb Wax Seal – Velvet Apparition

What tea party is possible without the appropriate invitation? Velvet Apparition will set you up with a gorgeous spiderweb wax seal and Crimson Hour will bring the stationary.

Tiny Weaver Escort Cards – Me and Annabelle Lee

How cute would these little weavers be at your teatime place settings? I love that Alexandra offers these in a downloadable Cricut file on Etsy if you are not graphically inclined to create them unassisted.

Victorian Spider Fascinator – Midge Munster

One day, it is my dream to have a room full of gals dressed in Victorian gowns with arachnids of all kinds upon their hair and gold-flecked cobweb teacups in hand. Midge sparked the deep desire to create a full army of these adorable fascinators to wear on my persons not just at teatime, but for each day of the week.

At this point, I feel like a spidery tea time master. I have tried my hand at perfecting this Miss Muffet tea party concept since 2020 and I love seeing how it has grown and developed over the years.

tarantula tea treats

Are you feeling better prepared to conquer a tarantula themed tea party with all these ideas for treats and decor?

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    • Chelsea

      Thank you! The tablecloth is actually a combination of a plain yellow linen tablecloth I found and HomeGoods and some leftover fabric from my Here for the Boos costume I made! Layering fabrics can create such a fun effect. I’m glad you like it!

  • Andrew | Your Best Halloween Ever

    Your tarantula tea party looks incredible!! and I’m so honored to have inspired such a fantastic post! 😊 Happy Be Kind to Spiders Week!! 🕸🕷

    • Chelsea

      Thank you so much! I cannot wait to try more of your recipes in the future. They really have been a wonderful source of inspiration for my creativity!

    • Chelsea

      Let me know if you find any of the themed tableware! It’s such a challenge to find spider and cobweb stuff that’s more colorful. Everyone usually sticks to Halloween colors which aren’t really year-round unless that’s your color palette.