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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2019

This special week known as Be Kind to Spiders Week is all about arachnid awareness. It is observed starting on the first Sunday of April every year. We’re jumping in a day late over here for 2019, but it’s never too late to start celebrating. Especially when there’s a whole week to do so!

This year, we’re keeping it simple and listing seven things you can do this week to celebrate.

8 Ways to Celebrate Be Kind to Spiders Week

1) Admire an arachnid’s artwork

With Springtime officially here, everything that’s been resting or quiet for the winter is now stirring. I’m sure you’ll be able to spy some beautiful webs out there.

2) Educate yourself about spiders

They are fascinating creatures who do wonders to keep balance with our eco system. You’d be surprised what you might learn.

3) Share a spider fact

Take that hard earned knowledge and help educate someone else. I’ll give you a freebie!

Did you know that even though tarantulas are part of the spider family, they are not considered “true spiders”? That is because their fangs point downwards instead of inwards which is what makes a true spider a spider.

4) Visit a zoo with an insect exhibit

A lot of zoos and animal exhibits will actually have an insects area where you can view some amazing arachnids. Sometimes, they even offer the opportunity to hold or pet a tarantula if you’re feeling brave enough.

5) Perform a spider rescue (using our handy tips from Save a Spider Day)

Saving a spider might seem intimidating, but I put together a helpful guide. The Candy Corn thieves are demonstrating how to make it stress free for you and the spider. Plus, there’s no better way to show kindness to spiders than to rescue one.

6) Watch a movie about spiders

You can go the horror route or documentary route with this one. My personal favorite horror-comedy to watch s Arachnophobia. A most interesting documentary experiment called Spider House (or The Amazing Spider House) is a great watch. There’s loads out there to discover!

7) Make a spider Craft

I have seen amazing things people have thrown together to show their admiration of arachnids. A quick search will yield quite a few suggestions as well.

8) Read a book about spiders

From mythologies to children’s books, there are many stories about spiders! A family favorite is “I’m Trying to Love Spiders” by Bethany Barton.

How are you embracing Be Kind to Spiders week?

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