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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2023: Spider Hunt Challenge

As I wrap up Be Kind to Spiders Week and observe that Easter is one day away, I am swapping the traditional egg hunt with a virtual spider hunt challenge!

spider hunt challenge - finding candy corn wrapper keychain

One of the three Candy Corn Crew spiderlings has snuck into six of this year’s Be Kind to Spiders Week posts. Once you find the spiderling, click on it, and submit your contact information on the page activated by the spider. Some spiders are more obvious than others, but the only ones that count are ones hidden in the 2023 Be Kind to Spiders Week posts.

In addition, it is possible that sharp-eyed readers have already spotted a spiderling. If you have already clicked and entered, you’re all set!

Spider Hunt Challenge Prizes

spider hunt challenge - finding candy corn enamel pin

I will select one winner at random for each post. This gives you six chances to win something new from each discover. ALL participants will be awarded an exclusive Candy Corn Crew sticker.

Each winner can select their prizes from my various Candy Corn Crew wares. Overall, this will include my arachnid astrology prints, candy wrapper keychains and candy corn enamel pins.

These hidden spiders will become inactive on April 14th at midnight.

In other words, you’ll have one extra week to find them all.

spider hunt challenge - finding arachnid astrology print

Ready to find those spiderlings? Great! Because the challenge is on to hunt and find the spider hiding within this post! Ready, set, GO!

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