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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2021: Giveaway

Another year of Be Kind to Spiders Week has arrived with a giveaway to web up your 2021 celebrations! With it being the third year of observance here on Cheers! with Chelsea, it only feels appropriate to kick off the celebrations with a multi-prize giveaway.

I have three very special Candy Corn Crew care packages to offer:

Pin Package

Be Kind to Spiders Week Giveaway Prize 1

Keychain Package

Be Kind to Spiders Week Giveaway Prize 2

Buttons Package

Be Kind to Spiders Week Giveaway Prize

There are two very easy ways to enter!

Entry Option #1

Let me know if you have ever bestowed an act of kindness upon a spider and what it was in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Entry Option #2

Click on the individual Instagram images above each prize description and follow the guidelines posted there.

Both giveaway options close on Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST

Be Kind to Spiders Week prizes

Three winners will be drawn at random and announced on both Candy Corn Crew’s and my Instagram accounts on April 11, 2021 no later than 10:00 AM PST.

The winners will receive an email from (cobwebs@cheerswithchelsea.com) with additional information regarding how to claim your prize. Giveaway winners will have 24 hours from the email’s send time to reply. If there is no reply within that time frame, a new winner will be selected. If you entered, please keep an eye on your email’s inbox on Sunday afternoon, April 11.

A toast of luck to all whom enter!


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  • Sara Schmidt

    I get spiders in multiple rooms in the springtime and give them names and chat with them every day. Last year I got a tiny spider I named April Ludgate who made a web in my top coffee filter! I had to keep her in it and protected but also in the spot she chose to set up shop so it was a little inconvenient but we made it work. Sadly one day she was gone. A larger spider probably came along. As many spiders as I catch and save (sometimes from my cats!), that was the most time consuming but interesting one!

  • Ellini

    We had an orb weaver living in my mom’s garden. When we would order pizza, we would put in the special instructions for the delivery guy to be careful not to disturb it when they open the front gate. It webbed between the shepherd’s hook and the top of the fence. We named it Esmeralda 🕸🕷

  • Erin Rose Tollefsen

    I always leave spiders alone when their in my home and just let them live with us rent free. Unless they look like a potentially dangerous variety. Then we transport them to a nice area outside our home so they can live in peace and we can as well. 💖