spider superstitions made into fangtastic fortunes
Spider Celebrations

Be Kind to Spiders Week 2024: Fangtastic Fortunes

I’m wrapping up our weeklong celebrations with some fangtastic fortunes inspired by spider superstitions of old. Who isn’t fascinated by old wives tales and superstitions? In 2021, I even made a web of fortune spinner that encompassed some of these folklores to spin your own fate.

Below I’ve taken some of those fortunes, reworded them, and put them into little pretty banners. They’re at the ready for sharing as they call out to you or to pull out on a dreary day.

Fangtastic Fortunes

Pray the dangled spider does not fall, or something tragic may come to call.

See her run across her web? It’s a sign a trip is ahead.

The spider hanging above alive, says a letter will soon arrive.

If a spider’s death you enact, only bad luck will you get back.

Into this spider’s web you’ve walked, calling you to meet a friend to talk.

A spider found in the evening, will uplift your spirits for new beginnings.

Be kind to spiders in your dreams or bring misfortune to extremes.

When dew is sparking on the webs, it means a beautiful day is ahead.

Unplanned Fangtastic Fortunes

Are you in need of a random experience? These fangastic fortunes are available in a revolving reel on my Instagram. Open the reel on your phone, take a screenshot of the video, and then reveal which fortune is yours. Bonus luck if you comment below with the fortune you pulled.

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