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  • The First Born Son Dark Zodiac Cocktail

    The First Born Son Dark Zodiac Cocktail

    I love watching scary movies. But I get really scared of scary movies too. It’s a vicious cycle. However, I’m pretty particular about my scary films. They have to have some sort of supernatural element. I cannot stand serial killers, psychopaths or slashers. Now give me a good ghost story and I’m all yours. One […]

  • Let’s Talk Wine…Cocktails that Aren’t Sangrias

    Let’s Talk Wine…Cocktails that Aren’t Sangrias

    Despite being an avid wine drinker, I’m not a huge fan of sangria. When drinking them at restaurants, they’re not usually up to par and there’s only one sangria that I can think of that I genuinely enjoyed which was made by an old co-worker. White wine, white peaches, white raspberries and grand marnier, it […]

  • “The Pink Elephant” Cocktail Recipe

    “The Pink Elephant” Cocktail Recipe

    Inspired by HedgeComber’s Pink Elephant cocktail recipe, I sought out to make this recipe in large batch format so I wouldn’t need to keep mixing it up for guests during the party. Everything was chilled in advanced so the drink would be ready to serve. You may have also noticed that I substituted lemons in […]

  • My Top 5 Favorite Cocktails

    My Top 5 Favorite Cocktails

    As a wine lover, I’m betting you’ll be expecting to see a sangria or mimosa on this list, but prepare to be surprised! And on that note, even though I love me some good vino, rarely will you see me ordering a glass. While out, I greatly enjoy ordering cocktails. Especially when they make me […]

  • La Mas Nhbul for Samhain

    La Mas Nhbul for Samhain

    Now considered a more common drink during “wassailing” season or during Twelfth Night, originally La Mas Nbhul or lambswool was a recipe drunk during the feast of apples (Lammas), most namely during the end of harvest time as the evenings got colder. It’s a simple drink consisting of apples, ale and spices and often consumed […]

  • 20 Weeks of Tiki Drinks

    20 Weeks of Tiki Drinks

    On the small island of Alameda, California is a quaint little tiki bar which houses a vast collection of rums from around the world as well as delicious tiki-inspired libations for your consumption.  This small hide away is the one and only Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge. They have an exclusive “Kill Devil Club” for those that have conquer the […]

  • Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars

    Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars

    Last year, I celebrated my birthday adventure in wine country. I had such a blast that I decided to do the same this year and even ventured out of my comfort zone from my beloved Castello di Amorosa. I was not sure what awaited us during our time at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, but it was […]

  • Bailey’s Ghost Cocktail

    Bailey’s Ghost Cocktail

    I’m not sure how it happened, but over the years, we’ve accumulated a couple bottles of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Because of this, I really wanted to make something that used it. I don’t know if it goes bad or what, but these bottles are just sitting around, so I thought, “Why not?”. I took an […]

  • Just Another Trip to Castello di Amorosa

    Just Another Trip to Castello di Amorosa

    “Just another trip to the castle…” she said casually. Only any trip to any castle isn’t “just” another trip. It’s a new magical adventure just waiting to be discovered! My latest visit to one of my favorite places this past Saturday was exactly that. My husband was out of town with my sister, attending a convention. […]