Let’s Talk Wine…Cocktails that Aren’t Sangrias

Despite being an avid wine drinker, I’m not a huge fan of sangria. When drinking them at restaurants, they’re not usually up to par and there’s only one sangria that I can think of that I genuinely enjoyed which was made by an old co-worker. White wine, white peaches, white raspberries and grand marnier, it was beyond amazing. But that’s for another time.

I decided to set out on a search for wine cocktails that aren’t sangrias. The Tipsy Bartender helped a ton and I found five simple ones to share with you here. Watch the video above to see what I thought of these fun libations!

  1. The Devil’s Margarita
  2. Frozé
  3. Red Wine Chocolate Shake
  4. Mini Vodka Watermelon Bowl
  5. Red Wine Lemonade

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