Let’s Talk Wine…oween and the video I didn’t share

So…way back in October, I recorded three of the five Halloween wine tasting videos I intended to share. If you go back and look, only two of my tastings were actually shared. So today, out of prosperity (and because I like to try wines I haven’t before for the Halloween season), I’m sharing my tasting of the Dearly Beloved Eternally Rose. I hope you enjoy this very belated Hallowine special!

Dearly Beloved Wines – Eternally Rose

A little about the wine makers:

Truett Hurst is the company behind the Dearly Beloved Wines label in addition to many other labels you might be familiar with. Based in Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County, their focus when it comes to their wines’ production is sustainability. This means their wine production has a low impact on their environmental footprint. This is becoming a common trend for many wineries, and although a winery or wine maker boasting sustainability won’t change my mind on purchasing the wine, it’s nice to see more and more wine producers making this choice.

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