Spider Celebrations

It’s National “Save a Spider Day”

I know what you’re thinking. I got days mixed up. You’re about to tell me it’s Pi day. But guess what? It’s also Save a Spider Day. And the Smithsonian says we should celebrate!

So curl up with your pizzas as the Candy Corn Thieves of Madison Manor share some simple rescue tips for aiding their eight legged relatives as well as some fun spider myths.

TIP #1

Itty bitty spiders are best left alone. Just let them run back into their dark corners, working on your bug problem.

Believe it or not, we really are harmless to you and if you think that resident was the only one hanging out…well, let’s just say there’s more than meets the eye in your humble home…


Seeing a spider is considered a sign of good luck.

Myths say…the bigger the spider, the grander the good fortune.

TIP #2

Catch your friend in an upside-down glass, slip a paper underneath the opening and carry them outside. (be careful not to pinch a leg!)

Or, use a spider catcher! (Perfect for arachnophobes!)


Killing a spider is will negatively affect your finances.

Myths say…finding a spider on your clothing is said to bring wealth to you because they’ve spun webs of luck to “catch” the money. So in turn, harming the spider is considered unlucky and will reverse that luck.

TIP #3

When that cutie drops down, find a stick object to hang your eight-legged visitor’s web to then slowly walk them outside to a low bush or tree.

Web-weaving spiders are usually friends visiting from outside and got lost.


A spider dropping down in front of you means you’ll be receiving glad tidings

Myths say…it may be an unexpected guest you’ve been hoping to connect with. Maybe news of a promotion or sudden fortune. Just be sure not to swat at it or you’ll jinx what is on it’s way to you.

TIP #4

If you find a spider in your tub, lend them a leg by taking them out instead of rinsing them down the drain.

We can’t climb porcelain, but get thirsty and sometimes, we get stuck because we fell in looking for a drink.


In some folklore, they believe when you sleep you become a spider.

Myths say…if you have to kill a spider, be sure to apologize first. Then the spider’s misfortune upon you will be minimal.

Will you save a spider today?

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