celebrating five years of arachnophilia
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Be Kind to Spiders Week: Celebrating Five Years of Arachnophilia

Can you believe I am celebrating five years of arachnophilia here on the blog this year? What is arachnophilia, you ask? It is a term for people like me who are enthusiasts for spiders and/or webs. Five years of celebrating this fascinating and (wrongfully) feared creature and how it has fueled my passion and creativity.

Naturally, I have to kick the celebration off with a bang! And by bang, I mean a fun activity to participate in.

Instagram Creativity Challenge

be kind to spiders week creativity challenge

I love a fun photo challenge, but I’m breaking all the creativity gates open with this one. Participants are encouraged to take whatever approach they please in order to fulfill each prompt of the day. There is one 8th bonus prompt. Anyone who completes it (alongside the original seven) can win a Candy Corn Crew enamel pin. There will also be a special goodie thrown in created especially for this week.

I am encouraging all interested parties to enjoy the celebration for as long as possible. In turn, I will be following my hashtag until April 30th to give anyone that needs the extra time to finish their prompts if they are trying to claim a pin.

What can you expect while celebrating five years of arachnophilia?

There will be lots to explore this year as I crank out six more days of fun. Such things include perusing the histories of spiders from the pages of myths to the stars of space. Naturally, a new cocktail and webdrobe fun will be unveiled. In addition, a virtual event will wrap up the celebration on Saturday.

I am so extremely excited to be celebrating Be Kind to Spiders Week once again. Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey of respect and kindness.

How will you celebrate a little kindness towards our arachnid friends this week?

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