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Webbed Heart Love Catcher Wreath

Happy Websday evening I hope it’s been a webulous day for you. Despite what the groundhog said this weekend, it seems like everyone I know is receiving inclement weather and not yet packing away those winter clothes.

I’m excited to share a fun quick DIY you can whip up while stuck indoors, just in time to finish for the holiday of creepy love, Valloween! Most people might not associate spiders and Halloween with Valentine’s day, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! For those new to the concept, this idea came from my Halloween-loving pals who wanted to twist Halloween into the holiday of love.

Riding off that, I wanted to try to make a heart-shaped web to capture all that spooky love floating around and store it up for myself. Using the same tutorial I made my webbed dream catcher out of last spring, I gathered up the following supplies:


I was really hoping to find some cobweb lace for this, but was having the darndest time actually locating something what I had in mind without paying more than I wanted for some antique lace.

Then I remembered I had this white and gold cobweb fabric I’d bought for Midsummer Scream last year I hadn’t used! I tore strips from that, cut those strips in half and got this neat shredded tassel look. I used one strip that I didn’t cut in half to hang the heart from.

I did make one heart without the spider charms and one with. It’s completely up to you how you want to make it, but I feel like I have some pretty cute eight-legged cupids gathering up all the love for me this Valentine’s holiday! The best part is that this really is a quick project. I was able to get the whole web woven within the span of my toddler’s nap and cutting and tying the strips of fabric around the bottom took maybe 15-20 minutes.

That’s about it from me for Valloween this year. I had a bunch of ideas pop up after seeing all my spooky pals sharing their creative juices, but I’ll just have to save them for the future.

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