a track list for tranquil tarantulas
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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2024: A Track List for Tranquil Tarantulas

I love creating my 2021 Be Kind to Spiders playlist, so I wanted to revisit the idea with a track list for all my fellow tranquil tarantulas searching for mellow vibes perfect for weaving the gossamer strands of creativity. Below, you will find a track list that captures the mood perfectly.

a track list for tranquil tarantulas

Isn’t it just the perfect spring playlist to enjoy? It is especially perfect for watching the spiders come to life in the garden. I’ve been playing these tracks while trying to get my creative juices flowing. So far, it has really helped me feel the weaving rhythms of a spider. This would even be perfect to pair with 18Hz Arts Collective prompts for Be Kind to Spiders Week.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been huge on using Spotify, so I have a YouTube playlist and Apple Music playlist to play directly. In regards to the YouTube Playlist, there was one song I could not add to it because it is marked for kids and YouTube has odd restrictions like that, but I’ve shared it alongside the playlist so you can still give it an easy list

A Track List for Tranquil Tarantulas on YouTube

Full Playlist (excludes track 3: Little Spider)

Track 3: Little Spider by Kat White

A Track List for Tranquil Tarantulas on Apple Music

Tranquil Tracks Suggestions?

Do you have any mellow music that is perfectly themed for spinning spider dreams? I’m always adding to my playlist, but I fear it is not as extensive as it could be. I’m starting to plan for a fun party playlist for 2025, so any suggestions would be more than welcome!

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