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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2024: Learning “spider” in other Languages

After some brainstorming with the hubby, we thought learning how to say “spider” in other languages would be a wonderful topic. I have always been enamored with languages. In addition, I love having at least one educational topic during this week so this felt like the right pick!

We were playing “Loteria” (it’s pretty much Jingo, but from Mexico) last week which sparked the idea. My daughter has been really interested in learning more Spanish. As such, after dinner, we pulled out the Loteria game the kids had been gifted. (we’ve played the old-school before at my in-laws, but this version is more child-friendly.) As we picked our cards, I was reminded that “la araña” was one of the lots you could pull. And thus, the idea was hatched.

Learn How to Say “Spider” in Other Languages

learning "spider" while playing loteria

Now, I could have taken the easy route and done a google search. Looking up how to write and pronounce “spider” around the world wouldn’t be too hard. However, I decided to take to Instagram and ask my diverse collection of friends world-wide to contribute instead.

spiderspahy – derEnglish
aranaeah – RAIN – eeLatin@juicesarthropods
ther – a – phosi – daeLatin@juicesarthropods
arachneuh – rak – neeGreek@cheers.withchelsea
arañaah – rah – nyahSpanish@gouyokubanchou
araignéeah – rin – yayFrench@steamandkittens
spinneschpi – nahGerman@steamandkittens

I hope you all enjoy learning how to say “spider” in other languages as much as I did. But wait! Do you think you can teach me how to say “spider” in another language? Drop a comment here with the spelling and what language and I’ll be sure to add it to this list!

What should we learn next?

I have covered all kind of educational topics on spiders over the years. This ranges from spider myths, to space experiments, to family friendly documentaries and even general spider facts. I do tend to get distracted by the creative aspect of spider imagery versus actual spider knowledge sharing. This is something I would like to do a better job of focusing on; not just the pretty stuff.

So, do you have any ideas on what arachnid knowledge I should research into? I would love to hear your thoughts on what I should share next year.

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