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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2024: 18Hz Arts Creative Prompts

I’m kicking off Be Kind to Spiders Week 2024 with seven fangtastic prompts from 18Hz Arts Creative to celebrate artistically.

18Hz Arts Collective Prompt List
  • Day 1: Orb weavers
  • Day 2: Wolf and Grass spiders
  • Day 3: Widows
  • Day 4: Crab spiders
  • Day 5: Jumpers
  • Day 6: Trapdoors

On the 7th and final day of the week, they encourage you to showcase your favorite spider, a spider-related work by another creator who has been a source of inspiration for you, or both.

I would be thrilled to see how you all take these prompts and run with them.

About 18Hz Arts Creative

18Hz Arts Collective provides opportunities for the creative and the curious to transform questions into knowledge and connection. Event participants explore, observe and record their experiences under the guidance of professional artists, writers and nature journalers. By making science and history accessible through art and narrative, we help our attendees build a richer relationship with themselves and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

A little more about Be Kind to Spiders Week

In case you’re new to this celebration, Be Kind to Spiders Week takes place throughout the first full week of April to spread understanding and decency towards our eight-legged friends. Because this holiday is somewhat hard to pinpoint its origins on, there are some misconceptions on its’ start date. I’ve been seeing a lot of websites this year claim that it starts on the 1st of the month, however, my original source stated that it’s the first full week of April. I wish I had saved the original source that I’d discovered this holiday from, but I do know that it was established by the American Tarantula Society in 2003. You’ll find most references to this unique holiday are found during years when the first Sunday in April fell on the 1st. So I can absolutely understand where the confusion may stem from. In my opinion, whenever you wish to celebrate is perfectly fine with me so long as you are spreading good will towards these amazing arachnids.

My Prompts to Celebrate with 18Hz Arts Creative

It just so happens to be my good fortune that I’ve done an astrological collection of spiders that can be used perfectly for each of the 18Hz Arts Creative prompts! Since I have other treats in my web to unravel this week, I’ll be dropping those astrological arachnids here. Please note that I do realize that the Diving Bell Spider and the Velvet spider are not under the correct classifications, but I felt they could kind of fit under those categories well.

1. Orb Weavers:
Aquarius – Joro Spider

4. Crab Spiders
Cancer – Goldenrod Crab Spider

2. Wolf & Grass Spiders:
Pisces – Diving Bell Spider

5. Jumpers
Capricorn – Himalayan Jumping Spider

3. Widows
Virgo – Velvet Spider

6. Trapdoors
Scorpio – Ravine Trapdoor Spider

7. Your Favorite Spider
Libra – Mirror Spider aka Sequin Spider

The mirror spider is not necessarily my favorite, but she’s really fascinating and, of course, comes from the land of unique creatures; Australia. I don’t hear many people talk about mirror spiders so I wanted to be sure to give her a little extra love.

Participation from You

Will you be participating in 18Hz Arts Creative’s Be Kind to Spiders Week prompts? If you do, be sure to tag them on Instagram with @18hzartscreative so they can also see the beautiful pieces you create.

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