webdrobe review : tobs spiderweb sweaters

Webdrobe Review : TOBS Spiderweb Sweaters

I have gradually been adding more pieces from TOBS to my webdrobe and decided it wouldn’t be complete without a spiderweb sweaters review. Some of you may recognize The Oblong Box Shop (TOBS) name from my caftan webdrobe review. Since then, I have quite a pretty collection forming from TOBS.

If claiming that I own four of these sweaters wasn’t straight enough to the point; I’m going to keep it simple with the fact that I love these sweaters A LOT!

They are cozy, soft and versatile for all seasons. I greatly enjoy that I can wear these sweaters from Autumn to Spring. These sweaters pair beautifully with a flannel skirt or can dress up a pair of jeans or bring a little spooky to a business casual ensemble. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many varying looks I’ve accomplished with them.

At first, I was just wearing them as tops on their own. However, I’ve come to discover their full layering potential. It’s been extremely fun to come up with different ways to pair these sweaters and you can see a few of the ways I’ve already tried my hand at styling them.

These spiderweb sweaters do have a little steep of a price, at least for me. However, if you are patient enough, you will find that TOBS has sales rather often. I find being a part of their email list extremely helpful. I’d love to see more colors in these. I missed out on their chartreuse colored one, but it would be fun to see more colorways. Maybe replacing the black with white and using more cool colors like greens and blues.

webdrobe review : tobs spiderweb sweaters

Washing these sweaters is rather easy. I wash everything on the delicate cycle these days and just hang dry them instead of putting them in the dryer. Their outer softness does fade after a few washes, but they still look great and feel just as comfortable. Try to avoid the dryer at all costs. One of my sweaters did end up there by mistake and it’s pilled something awful. Since I’ve taken to layering them with a blouse underneath, I’m not washing them as frequently either to help them stay in better condition.

Do you have a TOBS spiderweb sweater to your collection? I’d love to hear how you style it!

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