A Webdrobe Wish List : Spring Dreaming

Are you ready for a Webdrobe spring dreaming wishlist? I found some really pretty items to shop for this Spring! It has been a while since I shared a wish list of spider themed accessories and with my birthday is officially a day away as of tomorrow, it is the perfect time to share a list of spring-inspired wants.

cobweb morticia dressing gown
  1. Morticia Dressing Gown
    from Videnoir

There’s no shame in wanting to build up your boudoir as you dress up your closet. I love just about everything coming from Videnoir. This dressing gown is no exception! It would be so perfect for re-enacting my retro fantasies of the dolled up lady with her man reflected in the mirror…

Special mention to their Mistress of the Dark lingerie set! It is a very close match to Elvira’s final number in her film, “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark”. I want it just as much as the gown!

eternal weaver spyglass necklace
  1. The Eternal Weaver Spyglass Necklace
    from Bloodmilk Jewels

Bloodmilk Jewels is a little pricey for me. However, I adore the thought and storytelling in every piece they design. You can really tell that you are receiving a quality item. This spyglass necklace gives off such bibliophile vibes.

cobweb lace knit mohair shawl
  1. Lace Knit Mohair Shawl
    from Warm North Shawls (Etsy)

I so adore the knit pattern on these shawls. Although neither “spider” nor “web” is used in the description, I feel the cobweb vibes in the design. I always wanted to have a nice knitted shawl for around the house and this looks perfect for dressing up or down.

golden spiderweb earrings
  1. Golden Spiderweb Earrings
    from Ravenstone Gifts (Etsy)

These golden earrings are a classy addition to wear with just about everything. From a dress up date to a more simple ensemble and these earrings would easily create a really daring look. This shop has some beautifully designed pieces for all tastes.

spider web stained glass window enamel pin
  1. Spider Web Stained Glass Window Enamel Pin
    from MoPins (Etsy)

Pins are a wonderful accessory to any outfit, no matter your preferred style of dress. This one in particular stole my heart. Not only does it have a unique “stained glass” look, but it is inspired by the many cobweb windows found around the Winchester Mystery House. How can you not love it?

chartreause spiderweb sweater
  1. Chartreuse Spiderweb Sweater
    from The Oblong Box Shop

I’ve been drooling over this design since TOBS announced it’s release last year. I love these jumper sweater blouses and even though I listed the green color, I could go for a full set of these for mixing and matching my closet.

cobweb venice lace trim
  1. Cobweb Venice Lace Trim
    from Yarn & Leather Design (Etsy)

I debated over including this one, but I then realized it would be extremely appropriate. Even if you’re not planning to make a completely original piece, trimmings come in super handy to personalizing something already in your closet! In addition to this lace, this shop has three other “cobweb” like trims. I think these would be wonderful to add to sleeves or necklines. What a fun way to add a little bit of webdrobe flare to existing clothing pieces.

spider web cardigan
  1. Spider Web Cardigan
    from Mischief Made Me (Etsy)

This cardigan is the reason I made an Etsy account. I originally thought I’d try to make my own, but could never find the right cardigan style. In addition, my opinions on doing such things has greatly changed in the 10+ years of being a creative myself. After all that time, I still wish this was part of my closet and I’d rather show support by buying from the business.

I’m always looking for new additions to my webdrobe so if there’s anything on your radar that should be on my list too, let me know down in the comments below!

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