5 years of goosebumps 2: haunted halloween
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Macabre Made Me: 5 Years of Goosebumps Haunted Halloween

To celebrate 5 years since Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween was released in theaters, I decided to pull together an inspired look with minor additions or alterations to my webdrobe.

Although this particular anniversary isn’t necessarily a big one, it came to my attention that many films I adore were celebrating milestones. This felt serendipitous to my own celebration of 35 years. Plus, I’m always down for an excuse to dress up with a theme in mind. As such, I decided to pull together an outfit ensemble that took influence from these films. Specifically, I’m kicking off with the baby on my list, Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween!

5 Years of Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween

cheers to 5 years of goosebumps 2: haunted halloween

Who hasn’t had the pleasure of enjoying at least one Goosebumps book? My personal favorites were the choose-your-own-adventure ones. Although I’m not a huge fan of the original tv series, I’m a sucker for all its films. The movie series with Jack Black is a personal favorite, but I am most particular to Haunted Halloween. Mr. Chu is my Life Goals mascot!

Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween – From the Webdrobe

I feel like this look, in particular is a bit of a cheat. I fell in love with this slime-drip cardigan from Foxblood last year, but funds ran out before I could snag one. This year, I didn’t want to miss out! On that note, I consider this look a cheat because Goosebumps’ signature “monster blood” slime doesn’t actually make it into this particular film. However, the green slime is rather synonymous with Goosebumps branding and so, I consider it a pass! (Although I had half a mind to find a mummy costume to look like Mr. Chu! Did I already mention how much I love his character?).

As shown above, the cardigan isn’t the only piece to make the outfit. In fact, the top comes from Heart of Haute and the skirt was made by me many many years ago. The clear spiderweb earrings were gifted to me by Juan2ThreeTraditions at Midsummer Scream.

Are you a yay or a nay on these newer Goosebumps films? I really love them, but I rarely hear people talk about them.

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