Candy Corn Crew

Why Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn?

My passion for Halloween is no secret.

The imagery of pumpkins and a sweet tooth craving for candy corn is one I can’t help but yearn for come August, even though I try to restrain myself on Samhain observance until September.

Two years ago, on this very blog, I even declared that I would do my best to keep it to October to better keep the spirit of Halloween alive.

I would curb my orange and black cravings by binge reading Spooky Little Halloween and following year round content makers such as Cromwell Witch on Youtube and instaweengramers like Mr & Mrs Halloween.

Despite my PSA, the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve stays with me throughout the year, even when I’m not looking for it. My love for uncanny histories, my infatuation for the Queen of Halloween, and my fascination for gorgeous arthropods; it manifests in all of these interests.

Sharing a little of my affection for Hallowe’en all year round is something I’ve been wanting to do here on the blog for a while, although I couldn’t honestly pinpoint when exactly that was*. It took me quite some time to figure out how exactly to do that, all the while keeping the true Halloween jubilation within it’s proper time.

Thanks to a random sketch in 2017 that spawned even more of its kind, the proposition manifested its self in the form of my favorite Halloween staple; the spider.

Spiders are these ancient majestic creatures that deserve respect, awe and admiration.

I know there are a lot of you out there who get the heebie-jeebies just at the thought of my favorite creepy crawlies. I won’t force you to interact with something that brings your fears to the surface, but I ask that you give them a chance.

With the help of my spiderlings, Bonbon, Candy and Caramelo, I’ll be helping ease the stigma spiders carry with them, diving into some very cool arachnid myths and sharing the love of candy corn, cocktails, wine, and silky threads to make Cheers! with Chelsea a little spookier all throughout the year.

*If I had to be more specific on when I first desired to work in Halloween year round on the blog, it was probably around mid 2012 when I was posting “Macabre Moments” and “Goulish Goodies” .

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