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Candy Corn Crew Card Club

My passion for snail mail has never been a secret. Any excuse to send something through that magical blue box is always thrilling. Throwing a party? I’ll mail an invite. Participate in a card exchange? Just tell me where to send a card! Want to become pen pals? I thought you’d never ask!

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a card or letter in return, but nothing tops the feeling when someone tells me how much they loved getting their delivery. I love that magical feeling of opening the mailbox to discover something in there just for me and I imagine that others get that same buzz too.

With the whole push to support the post office, I thought up a crazy idea to send postcard for some really obscure holidays throughout the year. I will have a special postcard designed for six different observances and mail them out the week before that holiday to ensure they get to you on or before the official date.

This “Postcard Club” won’t officially kick off until February 2021 and is separate from my Halloween Card exchange (which opens August 26th). I premiered it here as a special treat with one simple request: Those that sign up prior to its release on the shop have to send three postcards in return sometime during 2021.

Can I sign up if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes! I will mail internationally! Nothing would make me happier than to ship a postcard out-of-country. I’ve even bought my international forever stamps in anticipation of it.

If purchasing from the shop, use coupon code “LETTERS” for free international shipping.

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