DIY Hair Pins for Springtime

Since pregnancy, I’ve kept my hair on the shorter end, but after some debating, I decided to let it go long again and have been looking for some new hair pieces that fit into my simple style but still throw out some subtle spooky flare.

That’s why I thought these little spider and candy corn hair pins would do just the trick!

I found some teenie tiny spider scatters off of Amazon that came in a pack of 100 and I’ve been coming up with all kinds of ideas for them. This project was one that they inspired. They’re a perfect size for smaller detailed items and it’s a bonus that the white spiders actually glow in the dark.

The Supplies I Used

  • Spider Scatters
  • Candy corn beads
  • Preferred hair clips (I used some bobby pins I had and these snap clips that really stay in my hair.)
  • Hot Glue Gun & sticks OR Epoxy
  • Plate for drying (if using Epoxy)

I attempted this project twice. The first time, I thought all I would need is the hot glue gun. For the most part, it worked. However, with the candy corn beads, because they’re glass, the hot glue didn’t seem fond of that with the hair clips or bobby pins and they would fall off within minutes of me putting the clip or pin in my hair. The spiders on their own did just fine on the bobby pins, so if you want to use the glue gun, try to find plastic beads for whatever you’re using. I just happened to have some glass candy corn beads and wanted to use what I had.

For the epoxy, unless you want to sit around for five minutes holding each pin with it’s bead, I suggest poking holes in the plate to prop up the bobby pin while the epoxy bonds. At least when I did it, just putting the epoxy on the pin then putting the bead on top wasn’t quite enough tackiness for it to stay in the position I wanted. It would keep slipping. Poking the holes really seemed to help.

You will also notice that for the bobby pins, I glued my pieces to the flat side of the bobby pin, leaving the wavy side to go against your scalp. This will give better grip from the bobby pin.

And there we have it! I’m so happy with how the bobby pins turned out. Like someone dropped a bucket of Halloween decor in my hair.

I was hoping the snap clips would turn out a little better than they did. I’m not sure if it was from the smoothness of the clip or how much it curves, but nothing wanted to stay on them. Even after using the epoxy, it would still come loose after a couple times of putting it in my hair. One of the two I made has survived so far and I’m going to get the most of out it that I can!

Overall, I’m very happy with these. I even made two small candy corn pins for my little monster so we can twin it out. I think I’ll make a few more in the bobby pin style, but I might try finding a different candy corn bead. We’ll see!

If you make this yourself, but sure to share with me! I love seeing how people take one idea and make it into their own!

What creepy accessory has been on your Do-It-Yourself list?

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