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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2023: Mythological Weavers

My passion for spiders does not just spark from the real-life arachnid, but also the mythological weavers inspired by her. With the maternal side of my father’s family hailing from Corfu, Greece, an infatuation with mythologies should come as no surprise. World mythology is one of my favorite knowledge banks to have built upon. In turn, spider myths hold a very special vault in that bank. You may be surprised to learn of the abundance of mythological weavers to be found.

In fact, at one point, I had wanted to work on a series called “Arachne’s Anecdotes” to share these many tales. (paying tribute to the Greek tale of Arachne and Athena) However, there are many voices sharing these myths and some who speak closer from the source. I tried to highlight some of those voices in what I’ve come across, but if you can direct me towards other sources, I won’t turn them down!

Eight Mythological Weavers

Neith – Egyptian goddess of creation and weaving
Anansi – West African god of stories, wisdom, knowledge & mischief
Grandmother Spider – Hopi, Navajo & Pueblo goddess of the Earth
J’ba Fofi – Giant Spider of the congo
Teotihuacan aka the Spider Woman – Mexican Spider Woman
Nareau – Kiribati & Oceana creator god
Aranrhod – Welsh & Celtic goddess of weaving mankind’s fate
Jōrōgumo – Mistress of Jōren Falls

This list of eight mythological goddess, god and cryptid weavers are just a small portion of what I’ve come across in my studies. Keep in mind that this is nowhere near a comprehensive list. There are several more tales of spiders in myths portrayed in positive light and I encourage you to see what you can uncover!

Are you a mythology fan too? Is there a favorite spider myth not listed here? Be sure to share it with me down in the comments! I’d love to read about it.

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