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  • Weaving Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn into Midsummer Scream 2019

    Weaving Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn into Midsummer Scream 2019

    It has felt like I had the entire year figured out for this monthly spot here on the blog. That is…if you don’t count February! I don’t know why the month of love and Women in Horror was such a struggle (and now that I think about it, I should have run with the Women […]

  • Why Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn?

    Why Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn?

    My passion for Halloween is no secret. The imagery of pumpkins and a sweet tooth craving for candy corn is one I can’t help but yearn for come August, even though I try to restrain myself on Samhain observance until September. Two years ago, on this very blog, I even declared that I would do […]

  • My Closet Full of Halloween

    My Closet Full of Halloween

    It’s always been a dream of mine to have a spooky themed outfit for each day of October where I was donning the spirit from head to toe. To be honest, I haven’t yet reached that goal, but I do have quite the collection of Halloween-influenced attire that I’m able to swap around quite efficiently […]

  • Comfortable, Cute & Expecting

    Comfortable, Cute & Expecting

    My life has been focused on our move, our coming baby and Halloween. Unfortunately, Halloween was been pushed to a back burner repeatedly as the first two become more pressing of matters when it comes to getting our old house on the market, our new house unpacked as well as finding a new hospital and […]

  • Halloweentime Earrings

    Halloweentime Earrings

    I love earrings. They’re always such an easy grab-and-go kind of accessory and they can be very simple or super elaborate. My Halloween earring collection is no joke and at this point, I have more pairs of Halloween earrings than there are days in October! In fact, I may actually have a Halloween addition problem. […]