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  • It’s Be Kind to Spiders Week

    It’s Be Kind to Spiders Week

    This special week of arachnid awareness is observed starting on the first Sunday of April every year. We’re jumping in a day late over here, but we figured it’s never to late to start celebrating when there’s a whole week to do so! This year, we’re keeping it simple and listing seven things you can […]

  • It’s National “Save a Spider Day”

    It’s National “Save a Spider Day”

    I know what you’re thinking. I got days mixed up. You’re about to tell me it’s Pi day. But guess what? It’s also Save a Spider Day. And the Smithsonian says we should celebrate! So curl up with your pizzas as the Candy Corn Thieves of Madison Manor share some simple rescue tips for aiding […]

  • Weaving Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn into Midsummer Scream 2019

    Weaving Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn into Midsummer Scream 2019

    It has felt like I had the entire year figured out for this monthly spot here on the blog. That is…if you don’t count February! I don’t know why the month of love and Women in Horror was such a struggle (and now that I think about it, I should have run with the Women […]

  • Why Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn?

    Why Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn?

    My passion for Halloween is no secret. The imagery of pumpkins and a sweet tooth craving for candy corn is one I can’t help but yearn for come August, even though I try to restrain myself on Samhain observance until September. Two years ago, on this very blog, I even declared that I would do […]

  • Halloweentime Earrings

    Halloweentime Earrings

    I love earrings. They’re always such an easy grab-and-go kind of accessory and they can be very simple or super elaborate. My Halloween earring collection is no joke and at this point, I have more pairs of Halloween earrings than there are days in October! In fact, I may actually have a Halloween addition problem. […]

  • Jack-o’-Lanterns on the Halloween Tree

    Jack-o’-Lanterns on the Halloween Tree

    Our first part of my Halloween Tree are, naturally, the jack-o’-lanterns. In the story, the lanterns represent all the people living in the world and as they conclude their festivities for the Halloween evening, the light in their lantern on the Halloween tree goes out. On my Halloween tree, I’m bringing down that scale to […]

  • Halloween Pet Bandanas

    Halloween Pet Bandanas

    Back before Midsummer Scream, I was on the hunt to make something that would be cute, yet also flattering to my then not-as-pregnant-but-still-pretty-pregnant body. I had looked for a project that would be easy to pull off with what fabric remnants I had, but of course everything I had was just a quarter-yard too short […]

  • Creating a Tradition Inspired by the Halloween Tree

    Creating a Tradition Inspired by the Halloween Tree

    Two years ago, I finally dedicated myself to “conquering” Ray Bradbury’s “The Halloween Tree”. I adore Bradbury sci-fi works, but I had never committed time into reading this book. When I did, I was inspired. My vision and idea for Halloween and how it should be celebrated was changed. Of course last year, things panned […]